Tourism Minister Hints Suggests Germany & Some Nordic Countries Allowed To Travel First

Spain’s tourism minister said in an interview this week that each countries epidemiological situation will be the deciding factor on when they will be able to travel here. Maria Reyes Maroto went on to suggest that currently Germany & some Nordic countries look to be in the best situation. Asked specifically about the UK, she said the health situation there “would need to improve.” There is still at least a month for the situation to change.

President Reiterates Need For Tests For Tourists

President of The Canary Islands, Ángel Victor Torres said in a press conference over the weekend that he would like PCR tests carried out in their home countries for all tourists travelling to the islands. He said the government is working on an internationally agreed protocol, and that insisting on tests for all travellers will ensure the islands remain among the safest destinations in the world.

Thermal Imaging Cameras For Airports

All Canary Islands airports will have thermal imaging cameras installed to detect passengers running a fever. The devices will be in both the departures and arrivals areas.

Fibre Optic For Teguise Villages

The fibre optic internet service from Movistar is being extended to the villages of El Mojon, Teseguite, Los Valles and Guatiza. Most towns in the municipality already have the service.

Fisherman Rescued After Being Shot With Harpoon

Emergency services were called to Playa los Pocillos in Puerto del Carmen this week after a 47 year old fisherman was shot in the thigh with a harpoon. Fire crews had to cut the harpoon to get the man into an ambulance. He was taken to Arrecife hospital for an emergency operation. The man was with a  group of four, one of whom accidentally shot him. They were fishing in an area where spear fishing is not permitted. Guardia Civil are investigating.

Bike Lane Network Proposed For Arrecife

Arrecife town hall has put together an ambitious plan to create a network of cycle ways across the capital to connect all the barrios and to reduce road traffic.

Ferry Services Re- Start

Ferry services between the islands and to the mainland of Spain commenced this week, with a maximum capacity of 50%. Currently travel is only permitted for specific reasons, but that will change in phase three of the de-escalation from lockdown.

New Premium Ticket For Timanfaya

The tourism centres are planning to roll out a new “premium” ticket for visitors to Timanfaya. Called Lanzarote Inédito, the new ticket will allow holders to access the fire mountains on foot, with a guide, to see sights which have been hidden for decades. The walking route will take in El Isolte de Hilario, in the centre of Timanfaya and also climb up to see some of the most amazing views of the mountains.

Sea Pools For El Golfo

Yaiza Ayuntamiento has asked for permission to create two natural sea pools in El Golfo. One pool, aimed at adults, will have a depth of two metres and the other, for children, one metre. The aim is to create  safe space for swimming and sunbathing in the village.

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