New Dive Centre Gets Go Ahead From Costas

The new dive centre for Puerto del Carmen, at Playa Chica, has been given the green light by the department responsible for coastal planning in Spain. The centre, which will cost €728,000 and will cover a total area of 966 M2. As well as loading and unloading areas for cars and vans, it will have a building with changing rooms and showers, a cafeteria and a terrace with seating. There will also be direct access to the ocean for divers via a small jetty. Puerto del Carmen receives around 120,000 divers per year and is one of Spain’s most popular dive spots.

British Man Arrested On Arrival In Lanzarote

A 38 year old British man was arrested by police at the airport on Monday. Policia Nacional detained him as he had an outstanding arrest warrant issued by a Lanzarote court. He arrived on a flight from Newcastle and currently no other information has been released.

New Mayor For Tias

José Juan Cruz Saavedra, former mayor of Tias, and a PSOE candidate, has wrested control from Pancho Hernandez by striking a deal with two other parties to gain a majority of the seats in the municipality and to become the new mayor. Part of the deal was that Mame Fernadez, from the Lava party will head up the very important tourism department.

Supreme Court Ratifies Stravs Sentences

The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentences handed out to various people involved in the licensing of the Stravs wine bodega. For mer mayor Gladys Acuña was sentenced to be disqualified from public office for 14 years, and fined €10,800 for granting the activity licence to Stratvs while knowing it was illegal. The other six, including another former mayor of Yaiza,  received sentences of 7 years of disqualification and fines ranging from €5,400 to €10,800.

Drought Ruining Crops

The lack of any real rainfall since October has meant that farmers are struggling with their crops this year. Worst affected have been onion and garlic crops. The lack of rain has meant that animals have little food for grazing, so cattle farmers are having to buy in Alfalfa from the peninsular, which will increase the cost of locally produced meat. Lanzarote, despite being a desert climate, normally has 40 to 45 MM of rain over the winter. Last winter, we had only 15MM, and most of that fell in late October and early November.

€6 Million To Clean Up Island

The Cabildo has announced contracts valued at €6 Million to clean up the island. The five contracts include cleaning up the area around the Zonzamas rubbish dump, weeding road verges and footpaths, a shoreline clean up, cleaning pavements in urban areas and clearing the weeds in the former agricultural areas in Mala and Guatiza.

Campsite At Papagayo Opening

The campsite at Papagayo will open on 14th June. It will remain open until 16th September. There is a future plan for the site to open all year around from 2020.

Site At San Marcial de Rubicon To Become Archaeological Park

San Marcial de Rubicon in Playa Blanca was the site of the first European settlement in The Canaries and a fortress was built there by Jean de Bethencourt in 1402 soon after arriving in Lanzarote. An official dig has been started in the area to recover artefacts and to learn more about the early days of the conquest of the islands.

Lanzarote Has Highest Tourism Growth In The Canary Islands

Lanzarote’s tourism increased by 4.2% compared to 2018, over the first 4 months of this year. Tenerife was the other island that recorded an increase, at 2.6%. The biggest increase was from the mainland of Spain – 27%, followed by UK at 5.3%.




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