Mayors Reject New Holiday Letting Law

The Canaries Federation of Municipalities has criticised the proposed new letting law currently being discussed in The Canarian Government. They have urged the executive to withdraw the draft and redraw it. They feel the proposed law does not address the issue of upward pressure on long term rental prices, and it seeks to prevent holiday letting, rather than regulate it. They also state that the suggestion that municipalities should be able to create “exceptions” should not fall within their remit.

Cabildo launches campaign to prevent accumulations of rocks

A Cabildo campaign has been launched, called “Lanzarote is wonderful, without moving a stone.” It’s aimed at stopping people from creating stone messages on beaches and creating sculptures made of stones. Moving large numbers of stones creates soil and beach erosion and disturbs the natural habitat of some species, as well as having an impact on the look of areas.

Estate Agent Sentenced

Former estate agent Teresa Pérez has been sentenced to five years and eight months in prison for defrauding a total of €594,305 from clients of The Property Warehouse in Puerto del Carmen between 2006 and 2011. She will also be required to return the money to those she stole from.

€3 Million Investment From Tourism In Puerto del Carmen

The Canarian government’s tourism department will invest €3 Million in Puerto del Carmen in the coming months, which will include a refurbishment of the paving and street furniture on the promenade between the hotels Jameos Playa and Beatriz, and making the civic centre in the harbour accessible.

Tenesar Road To Be Paved

The road to Tenesar, also known as the “lost” village, from Tinajo, will be resurfaced at a cost of around €180,000. Untouched for two decades, the road has deteriorated badly, and will be paved and fitted with new signage.

Fake Goods Seized

The local police in Costa Teguise have seized fake designer goods from a number of premises in the resort. 2,700 items branded Michael Kors, Prada, Ralph Lauren and Rolex, with a value of €1.4 Million were taken away for destruction.

Record 200,000 Sports Tourists For Lanzarote In 2017

A record 200,000 people visited the island in 2017 specifically to train for or take part in sports events. Their average stay was similar to non-sports tourists at between 8 and 9 days, but their on-island spend was significantly higher. Their average age is 45 years, and most come from UK, Germany and France.

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