Cabildo Criticises Fundacion César Manrique

The Cabildo has withdrawn a poster for the Lanzarote Film Festival, which featured a design created by a local artist as a tribute to, and in the style of Manrique. The Fundacion objected to the to the poster. In a statement, Oscar Perez, the Minister of Culture,  said that he didn’t understand why the Fundacion would object to the design, which was part of the Manrique 100 celebrations. He also pointed out that Manrique himself often created art as tributes to other artists, most notably Picasso.

British Tourist Arrested

A 33 year old British tourist was arrested in Puerto del Carmen after an altercation in a bar. He then smashed the window of a police car and damaged a door in the police station. He was taken to Arrecife’s number one court and charged with causing injuries, damage and resisting arrest. The man admitted the crimes and asked for a quick sentence and he was given fines totalling €1500.

10 Convicted For Taking Shearwaters In Alegranza

Ten Lanzarote residents have each been fined €8640 for catching, killing and cooking Shearwaters on the island of Alegranza. In the past it was a tradition to catch as many birds as possible and then barbecue them, but both Alegranza and the birds are now protected. The arrests took place on the beach in Alegranza in 2015.

Tias Hopeful That Licence Will Soon Be Granted For Shopping Centre

Work has not yet started on La Perla – the new shopping centre in Puerto del Carmen with 400 parking spaces – due to objections that have been raised. Tias Ayuntamiento are hopeful that the objections will “be answered in full,” and that work will start during the summer.

Mini Heatwave

The island has experienced a heatwave over the last week, with temperatures reaching 32 degrees on Thursday. It’s expected that temperatures will drop to a more usual 26 degrees over the weekend at the wind shifts to the usual northerly direction.

Immigrant Boat Owner Convicted

The Moroccan owner of a boat used to transport immigrants from Sub Saharan Africa to Lanzarote has been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 11 years in prison. His boat set out from Africa on 13th January 2018 and arrived in Costa Teguise on the 15th. Five would-be immigrants died en route, and a further two succumbed while trying to swim ashore. The defendant was also fined €420,000 to be paid as compensation to the families of the deceased.




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