Children’s Walks Went Well In Lanzarote

The relaxation of lockdown rules meant last Sunday was handled well by residents, compared to in other areas of Spain. Reports are that 95% of people complied with the detail of the ruling, maintaining social distancing and going out with one adult and up to three children.

Arrieta Pier Work Continues

The reconstruction of the pier in Arrieta has continued, after a short two week pause when non-essential work was stopped, and is now 75% completed. It is hoped it will be open for the summer.

Ryanair Dismissals Illegal

The National Court of Spain has ruled that Ryanair’s dismissal of 234 staff following it’s base closures in The Canary Islands and Girona was illegal. It did not accept that the loss of expected 737 Max aircraft and Brexit were sufficient grounds to fire the staff. The airline has been ordered to reinstate all of them. A spokesman for the airline said they will be appealing the decision.

Drought Means Grape Harvest Will Be Poor

The council of the Lanzarote D.O. has said this year’s grape harvest is expected to be around 50 or 60% of last years total, due to the ongoing drought on the island.

Hospital Returns To Normal Surgical Activity

The Molina Orosa in Arrecife has closed the second Coronavirus ward and ICU set up at the start of the pandemic, in order to return to more general surgical procedures. Currently one Corona ward and ICU remains open, and there s one patient in the former and four in the latter.

More PPE Arrives In Chartered Aircraft

The Canarian government chartered an aircraft to bring supplies for the lockdown easing to the islands this week. One million masks were part of the cargo, together with test kits, swabs and other items.

Electricity Consumption Drops 20%

With hotels, bars and restaurants closed, the island’s demand for electricity fell by 20% in March. April is expected to show an even larger drop, as the island has been in lockdown for the whole month.

Government Announces Phased Plan For De escalation From Lockdown

Central government in Madrid announced this week the plan for de escalation in four phases for Spain. Details here: The Road Back From Lockdown.

Residents Allowed Out For Walks And Exercise This Saturday

In the first step on the lockdown release, it was announced that residents across Spain can go out to walk or take exercise for the first time since March 14th. Detail here: Exercise Rules.

You can see the lates on Coronavirus numbers in Lanzarote here: Coronavirus.