Stabbing Puerto del Carmen

A man was stabbed five times after an argument in the early hours of the morning. The man, and two others, who all share a house, have been charged with brawling, and the two others with causing injury with a weapon. The stabbing victim is Brazilian and the other two involved are believed to be Colombian.

Huge Drop In Pollution

Air borne pollutants on the islands have dropped by up to 80% since the Coronavirus lockdown, meaning urban areas like Arrecife have almost zero pollution currently.

Canary Islands President Asks For Earlier Return For Islands

President Angél Vitor Torres attended a video conference with PM Pedro Sanchez and all the other Presidents of Spain’s autonomous communities last Sunday. He specifically asked that the islands be accorded special consideration once easing of the lockdown begins, citing the fact that our air and sea ports have been practically closed off.

International Confusion Over Change To Lockdown Rules

The international press has been reporting extensively that “Spain is relaxing lockdown rules from 13th April. This isn’t the case – the lockdown rules are exactly the same as they were when it started on 14th March. The ONLY thing that has changed is that the additional measure, which required non-essential workers to take paid leave from 29th March to 9th April, has come to an end.

Those non-essential workers can return to work under the rules that applied from 14th March – in other words, they should work from home if they can, and if not, they can only work if they can apply social distancing rules.

To reiterate – the rules of the lockdown are EXACTLY the same as they were for the period 14th March to 29th March.

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Nearly 300 Arrests For Non Compliance With Lockdown Rules

297 people have been arrested across The Canaries for breaking lockdown rules. Those charged face fines ranging from €300 to €6000.

Aloe Plus Donation Of Sanitizer

Aloe Plus Lanzarote has donated 1000 bottles of sanitiser gel to be given to families in need on the island. The gel is made from Aloe plants grown here, mixed with alcohol.

Man Arrested For Running And Swimming On Playa Grande

A man was arrested early morning on Thursday for breaking the confinement rules by going for a run along Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen and then swimming in the ocean. He was spotted on a webcam and faces a fine of at least €600.

International Arrest Warrant For British Man

Michael Williams, a British man who used to live in Costa Teguise, was convicted in July 2018 for sexually assaulting a minor, the 9 year old daughter of his partner. Williams appealed the conviction and the appeal has been dismissed. It’s believed that Williams returned to the UK while awaiting his appeal, and an International Arrest Warrant has now been issued. He is required to return to the island to serve his sentence, which was for 5 years in prison and compensation to the minor in the sum of €20,000.

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