Campaign To Prevent Drownings

In both 2016 and 2017, 9 people drowned off the beaches of Lanzarote. In a new initiative by the Lanzarote Emergency Consortium, leaflets will be distributed in 4 languages in the hope it will reduce the number this year. The aim is to raise awareness of potential dangers from the ocean, and how to react in an emergency. The key messages are to respect warning flags, to call 112 before reacting to help in an emergency, to avoid swimming while under the influence and not to swim alone.

Drugs Boat Seized

A boat with 13 immigrants and 100 kilos of hashish aboard has been intercepted off the coast of Famara by Guardia Civil. The skipper and occupants, and two others who had driven to meet the boat were arrested. First reports suggest they were all from the Maghreb region of Africa.

Truck Fire At Tias Petrol Station

A truck burst into flames at the Tias SPL gasolinera this week. Clouds of back smoke could be soon as the truck was completely engulfed. Fortunately, the flames did not reach the petrol tanks or pumps.

Reyes Requests Sentence Is Suspended

The former Yaiza mayor, José Franciso Reyes’ defence team has requested his 6 year sentence for corruption be suspended, on the grounds that he is ill and will not reoffend.  The prosecution has “categorically” opposed any suspension, on the grounds that Reyes has been convicted of three criminal offences and has confessed to receiving at least 300,000 Euros for granting illegal licences. The court has remanded him to prison while it considers the request.