Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 15

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Access Controls To Be Introduced At El Cuervo & Caldera Blanca

The Cabildo has announced a plan to put access controls at the car parks for both Montaña el Cuervo and Caldera Blanca. This follows various incidents in the last few months where visitors have strayed off the paths, the car parks have become over full and other issues. Staff will be on hand at each venue to limit the number of cars parking, as well as those hiking to each location, and make visitors are respectful of the space and stay on the marked paths.

Stars On The Island

Actor James Nesbitt has been here this week, enjoying a holiday in Playa Blanca, and visiting local bars and restaurants, and England Captain Harry Kane’s mother Kim and grandma Brenda, who are regular visitors to the island, enjoyed watching UD Lanzarote play in Arrecife at the weekend, treating the grandchildren to Lanzarote shirts.

FCM Supports Protest

The Fundacion Cesar Manrique has expressed support for the protest “The Canary Islands Have A Limit,” scheduled for 20th April. A spokesman said “There are plenty of reasons, all of them visible, growing and overwhelming. Lanzarote has a limit, which has been exceeded for a long time and the negative consequences invade our daily lives, mistreat the land and compromise the future of young people.”

Orange Wind Warning…..

AEMET, the weather authority, has issued a warning for strong winds in Lanzarote fro Tuesday. Gusts of up to 90KMH from the north east are expected, accompanies by big seas of 4 to 5 metres.

…..And Then The Heat

The weather warnings continue for the rest of the week, with high temperatures and calima expected from Wednesday, with 32 degrees expected and Thursday with 34 degrees. The high temps are expected to last until Monday next week.

Winds Cause Issues

The 80KMH winds and waves up to 5 metres high in parts of the island caused chaos on Tuesday. Ferries to La Graciosa were suspended, there was coastal flooding in Playa Honda, Punta Mujeres and Arrieta, part of the Monumento Campesino had to be taken down by firefighters when it became loose, there was a scrub fire in Puerto del Carmen and various places suffered temporary power cuts. MSC’s Seaview was also not able to dock in Arrecife, and by passed the island. Part of the frontage if Ikea in Arrecife was damaged by the wind, and had to be secured by fire fighters.

A big clean up operation is taking place today (Wednesday) in all the islands coastal areas between Punta Mujeres and Puerto del Carmen.

New Via Ciclista

The La Hoya road, known locally as the old donkey track, which connects Puerto del Carmen with Tias, will be resurfaced over the next few months and made into a Via Ciclista. The island’s cycling roads allow cars to use them at low speeds, but give priority to cyclists.

“Golden Visa” Ending

The Spanish government has announced that the so called “Golden visa” which offered residency in Spain for anyone spending 500.000 € or more on property in the country will be stopped. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced the news, which follows both Ireland and Portugal removing their equivalent, following an EU ruling that residency of the union should not become a commodity.

Jet2 Holidays Making Staff Redundant

Jet2 Holidays, the UK’s largest tour operator, are ceasing their In Resort check-in service. As a result, they will be cutting 349 jobs in Spain, and 95 here in Lanzarote, which represents 82% of their work force on the island. Unions have criticised the measure and have pointed out that Jet received more than half a million Euros from the tourism department between 2020 and 2023 for marketing purposes.

Unemployment Drops To 2007 Level

There are 7,725 people unemployed on Lanzarote currently, the lowest level since 2007. The island ended March with unemployment down in all 7 municipalities, with the largest drop in Arrecife.

We’ll add more news here as it comes in……..

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