Bicycle Access To Airport

The Cabildo has announced the opening of a €620,000 tender to build a cycle lane from Playa Honda into the airport – giving cyclists a safe lane to use on the main dual carriageway, and also airport access for staff working there.

British Man Arrested For “Fake Crime”

A 25 year old British tourist has been arrested for making a false crime report. He contacted the police to report the theft of a diamond necklace and ring worth around €11,000. Inspecting the room, Guardia Civil officers established that there was no sign of entry, and no witnesses to the existence of the objects or of the crime. Under questioning, the man admitted that the objects hadn’t been brought to Lanzarote. It’s thought it was an attempt to defraud a travel insurance company.

Jellyfish In The North

Portuguese Frigate jellyfish have been spotted around La Graciosa and Famara, prompting a warning not to bathe in those areas for the time being. If you are stung, the best treatment is to bathe the area with saline or sea water, and then apply an antiseptic cream.

Canarian President To Meet Brexit Negotiator

Canaries President Fernando Clavijo has arranged a meeting with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to discuss the possible impact of Brexit on the islands’ tourism industry. The plan is to discuss what might happen with what is described as an “unordered” exit by Britain from the EU (Presumably that means a “hard” Brexit.

3D Scan Of Cueva del los Verdes

The European Space Agency has created a 3D map of Cueva del los Verdes, using a technique incorporating laser systems and wearable back pack. The technology is being developed to help map planets like Mars, with a view to making them habitable. The Green Caves were used as they are 8KM long and are a size large enough to create dwellings and streets. Read more here: Universe Today.

Celebrating The 300th Anniversary Of San Antonio, Texas

President of The Cabildo, Pedro San Ginés joined in celebrations in the town of San Antonio, Texas earlier this month. The town was founded 300 years ago by 56 settlers from The Canary islands, 46 of whom were from Lanzarote. San Antonio was the first civil settlement in the state of Texas, and the first Prime Minister of what was called The Cabildo there was a Lanzaroteteño. In 1738, the settlers built a church, believed to be the first Catholic church in The Unite States.

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