Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 10

Las Grietas Parking Prohibited

Parking at Las Grietas, the so called “Grand Canyon,” has been closed off this week, by creating a ditch and installing a barrier. Anyone wanting to visit the area will now need to park in Montaña Blanca and walk along the pathway from there towards Tias. The move has been taken as there was significant danger to people crossing the road in the area.

Moon Camera Tested On Island

When Artemis 3 lands on the moon in a few year’s time, putting the first people on there since Apollo 17 in 1972, events will be recorded by a camera that has been tested in Lanzarote over the last few weeks. The camera, made by Nikon, has undergone tests on the island in the hands of NASA astronaut Jessica Wittner, and is designed to operate within a thermal protection box. Astronauts took more than 18,000 still images during the Apollo moon missions, but the new camera means they will be able to take video as well.

Haria – “One of the most beautiful places in Spain”

Haria, in the north of Lanzarote, has been named one of the most beautiful places in Spain by National Geographic Travel Magazine. Haria ranked 26th on a list of 100 places and was cited for “a rich artisanal tradition, and its famous market, which is held on Saturday mornings. In addition, it houses two of the most touristic places in Lanzarote: the Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes. The northern municipality also has the La Corona Volcano, a volcano of perfect shape. In addition, it is known for the choice of the artist César Manrique as his place of residence.”

E Bikes Purchase For Arrecife Confirmed

61 E bikes have been purchased by Arrecife city council. They will be available for use from the middle of the year, and will be parked in charging stations at 9 locations in the capital. The bikes, which will have a range of 60KM, will require pedalling, as the motors only provide assistance. The aim is to encourage people to park their cars and use the bikes to get around town, reducing congestion and pollution.

Unemployment Falls Again In February

February ended with 73 fewer people registered as unemployed on the island, the largest drop, by some margin, in The Canary Islands.

Medical Evacuation From Cruise Ship

Lanzarote’s coast guide evacuated a sick passenger from Marella Explorer on Tuesday morning, 13KM off the coast of Arrecife. The passenger and a companion were taken to Marina Lanzarote where they were met by an ambulance which took them to Arrecife Hospital.

Canary Islands Team At ITB Berlin

A large contingent from the islands is currently at the international travel fair in Berlin, working on increasing air links and holiday sales to the German market.

New Olive Oil Making Equipment

New machinery, manufactured by a Madrid company, is being installed at the experimental farm near San Bartolomé. The existing equipment can no longer cope with the amount of olives being sent there for processing into oil, and the new machinery will process up to 1,000 KG per hour. Olive cultivation began on the island in 2012.

Haria Councillors Call For Limits On Buggy Tours

Councillors in Haria are asking for limits to be applied to the number of buggy tours taking place on the tracks of the municipality, citing pollution and dust as as the biggest issues.

We’ll add more news here as it comes in this week…….

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