More Cycle Lanes For Playa Blanca

A further 1.2 KM of cycle lane is being added in Playa Blanca, enabling cyclists to stay off road from the industrial area as far as the port. The €124,000 investment will include lighting.

Four People Arrested For Picking Pockets In Puerto del Carmen

A group of four Romanians have been arrested by Guardia Civil in Puerto del Carmen. The police were monitoring the four people, having received a description from colleagues in Fuerteventura. They were caught stealing a wallet from a tourist at a bus stop in the resort.

The Sun Newspaper Recommends Lanzarote!

British tabloid The Sun has recommended Lanzarote as a holiday destination as the island currently does not have any cases of Coronavirus.

Deaf Scammers Arrested

Two women have been arrested by Guardia Civil in Costa Teguise for running a clipboard scam, where they were posing as deaf charity collectors.

Masks And Sanitisers Gels Sold Out

Despite the fact that Lanzarote has no cases of Coronavirus currently, pharmacies are reporting that they are sold out of surgical masks and sanitiser gels, as people stock up.

New Bus Passes

A new system of Bonos, or bus passes will come into use from April. Existing holders of bono cards will be able to take them to a bus station and exchange them for the new cards, retaining their balances.

Drought Causes Concern For Vines And Farmers

The continuing drought has meant that the bodegas are having to water the younger vines in order to stimulate the first phase of growth for the coming season. Older vines, with much deeper roots will not need additional water. Farmers are also struggling, with widespread crop failures due to the lack of rain. Rainfall through 2019 was more than one third down on the island’s already very low level, and so far this year, normally the wettest months on the island, rainfall has been around 10% of normal levels.

Tourism Down In First Month

As predicted, tourist numbers fell in January, by 12.5% compared to last year. The largest drop was from British tourists, whose numbers fell by almost 21%. But some of the shortfall was made up  by an increase of over 16% each, from both Germany and France.

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