First Vaccinations Start

The first Covid vaccinations started on the island last Sunday. Supplies of the vaccine are arriving daily by air force jet from the mainland, and being ferried to each island by helicopter. Care home residents and carers are in the first phase of vaccinations. The first person vaccinated in Lanzarote was 81 year old, María del Pilar Pérez, a resident of the care home in Haria.

Man Overboard

A passenger on the Lineas Romero ferry that runs between La Graciosa and Lanzarote went overboard this week. He was recording a video when he leaned too far, going over the side. The crew activated a standard procedure and he was rescued within a couple of minutes.

Sand Loss On Playa Grande

A lot of the sand has been lost on Puerto del Carmen’s Playa Grande over the last few weeks. It’s been caused by a combination of high tides and unusually rough seas as a result of an unusual wind direction. The town hall has commissioned a study to see if any intervention is needed, but when this has happened in the past, a change of wind has often brought the sand back to shore.

Brisa Marina Closes For Ten Days Due To Covid

The well known Brisa Marina restaurant on the promenade in Playa Blanca has closed for ten days after the owner, Juan Cabrera contracted Covid. Juan is well and is self isolating at home, but it’s standard protocol for food premises to close for a period of isolation after an infection.

Telamon Scrapping Not Likely For Many Months

Telamon is the shipwreck visible from the road near the desalination plant in Costa Teguise. Last year a contract was awarded to dismantle and scrap the vessel, which is causing a pollution hazard as it deteriorates. But the company who won the contract was unable to provide necessary certificates. The Spanish Navy is now expected to put it to tender once again, but it’s unlikely that work will start until much later in 2021. You can read the story of the shop here: Lanzarote’s Shipwreck.

November Worst Month For Tourism

November was the worst month for tourism since our borders opened in June. 110 hotels and apartment complexes were open during the month, but they achieved around a 20% occupancy, taking €6.7 million versus €59 million in the same month last year.

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