Lanzarote Living Consultancy

Lanzarote Living Consultancy

There’s a new service on the island which will be really useful to those of you who own properties here, live here or want to, or who run businesses on the island.

Lanzarote Living Consultancy is run by Lydia Thain, who many readers will know.

Lydia is “aiming to do something a little different. For example, I don’t want to just translate word for word, I’m translating with the understanding of the island bureaucracy and knowledge in many fields such as hotels, restaurants, real estate and administration.”

Lanzarote Living Consultancy

Lanzarote Living Consultancy will offer:

  • Paperwork – Residencia, wills, driving licences, registrations etc
  • Consultancy – Employment advice, grants, unemployment benefits, tax declarations and more
  • Translations – Community meetings, doctors appointments, parent / tutor meetings etc

And if you have a business idea, Lydia can help you with the planning, set up and licensing for your idea.

“My aim is to focus on helping people with every aspect of living in Lanzarote in a human way.”

You can read more at Lydia’s Facebook Page: Lanzarote Living Consultancy, or contact by phone on +34 646 004 878 or email