Karting Team

Lanzarote Karting – New Owners

We’ve been huge fans of the Lanzarote Karting at San Bartolomé for many years – it’s one the best attractions on the island and we’ve had many epic races there, including the time when Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz raced there.

Owners John and Irene have now retired, so we went along to meet the new owners and find out a little more about them.

Meet Rob, Rachel and Phil. In the image above, you can see from left Rolando Xuereb (he’s based in the UK) Rob, Rachel and Phil. The latter three will be running the track day to day.

What were you doing before moving to Lanzarote?

Rob: For the past 15 years i was the owner of an outdoor kart track called Karttrak Cromer in the UK, look it up its great.

Rachel: I owned a very busy coffee shop in Cromer Norfolk, before that I worked at Holland and Barrett.

Phil: I was helping Rob run his kart track in the UK.

So what made you decide to sell up and move to Lanzarote?

Rob: After coming back from holiday in March 2017 I got an email asking if I was interested in buying a kart track in the sun, of course I thought yes, and here I am.

Rachel: The simple answer is Rob, he came home and said he had an email asking if he wanted to buy a kart track in Lanzarote and do I fancy moving.

Phil: The opportunity came up to buy this track and it ticked all the boxes for both business and personal benefits, and here we are.

How did the move go, and how are you all settling into island life?

Rob: It was very smooth because Rachel sorted everything out!

Rachel: The move went very smoothly with lots of forward planning and organising.

Phil: Pretty smoothly, it will be nice when my partner makes it over here in June, so we can go and explore.

What tips would you have for readers who are also planning a move to Lanzarote?

Rob: Chill out and relax and do your home work on accommodation.

Rachel: Make sure they have somewhere to live before coming out. Don’t expect anything to be done quickly. Give up everything you thought you knew about driving on roundabouts.

Phil: Throw your coat, scarf and woolly hats away.

What were your first impressions of Lanzarote Karting and team that work there?

Rob: When I came out to see the track I was very impressed with its location and hillside track which is very different from what I have ever seen before. The team have proved to be very good.

Rachel:  I had heard so much about it from Rob and seen so many photos so its difficult to answer as the track was everything I expected it to be and more.

Phil: I saw a thriving business with a lot of potential with an excellent work force.

An observation we would make is that the track has been consistently one of the island’s busiest attractions. What do you put that down to?

Rachel:  John and Irene plus the great team they have built up along with advertising and the local business relationships they have built up over years.

Rob: My opinion is the same as Rachel’s.

Phil: The staff are really very good and make it what it is.

Now you’ve had some time to settle into running the business, are you planning to make any interesting changes or add any services readers should know about?

Rachel:  We intend to re decorate the whole building, new bar area, new karts in the short term. We hope we can update and streamline the business to enhance the customer experience.

Rob: Rachel has covered it in her answers, with the added discounts to residents that we are bringing in during the early part of 2018.

Phil: Yes we have lots of plans, we have just ordered a new fleet of 400cc twin engined karts which will mean Lanzarote Karting has the fastest corporate karts in the Canary Islands.

Which one of you is quickest around the track in a twin engined kart?

Rob: If I could still kart it would clearly be me with my past racing background, but i’m sure Phil will say its him.

Rachel: We have raced but i am deffo not the quickest.

Phil: Rob and I never got to race each other, but it would definitely be me!

So there you have it! We’re looking forward to the new 400CC karts, and to enjoying our next visit to the track for one of Lanzarote’s best days out.

Remember they offer a free collection and drop off service from your accommodation. Pre book it here:  Lanzarote Karting.