Note: Dates are confused currently for carnival 2022, following Arrecife’s decision to change their dates due to Covid restrictions. We gather there is a meeting of the mayors imminently to decide on dates for other municipalities, and we’ll update here as soon as we know more. 

Lanzarote carnival is a magical time to be on the island, with marching bands, floats, dancers and lots of fun and frolics. Anyone can join in! Each area of the island has it’s own carnival and parade, and they all choose a theme each year. You can stick with the theme if you want to, but you can also go your own way and do something different. The drink of carnival is the Cuba Libre – Run and Coke, with a twist of lime.

Read this to find out more about carnival: What is carnival in Lanzarote?

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Lanzarote Carnival Dates 2022

Arrecife – 11th to 23rd March *Changed dates* 

Puerto del Carmen – 3rd to 6th March *In doubt*

Playa Blanca – 25th to 27th April *Provisional*

Costa Teguise – TBA

San Bartolomé – TBA

Tinajo – TBA

Haria – 1st to 4th April *Provisional*

Main Parade Lanzarote Carnival Dates 2022

Arrecife – Monday 14th March *Provisional*

San Bartolomé – TBA

Puerto del Carmen – TBA

Costa Teguise – TBA

Tinajo – TBA

Haria – TBA

Playa Blanca – TBA

La Graciosa – TBA

Themes & Programmes Lanzarote Carnival Dates 2022

Arrecife – Cinema