Lanzarote carnival dates 2020

Lanzarote Carnival Dates

Everyone wants to know the carnival dates!

Lanzarote carnival is a magical time to be on the island, with marching bands, floats, dancers and lots of fun and frolics. Anyone can join in! Each area of the island has its own carnival and parade, and they all choose a theme each year. You can stick with the theme if you want to, but you can also go your own way and do something different. The drink of carnival is the Cuba Libre – Rum and Coke, with a twist of lime.

Read this to find out more about carnival: What is carnival in Lanzarote?

Carnival information is slowly coming through and we will update below as soon as any more comes in 

Lanzarote Carnival Dates 2024



Main Parade Monday 12th February.

Burial of the Sardine Wednesday 14th February.

Theme is “Carnaval del Oeste.”

San Bartolomé 

10th February – Drag Queen Gala

13th February Main Parade 12:00

16th February End of carnival parade in Playa Honda 18:00

Carnival theme is “The wonderful Tim Burtolomé”

Puerto del Carmen

16th, 17th and 18th February.

Main parade 17th February.

Carnival theme is “Animated Cartoons.”

La Villa de Teguise (including Costa Teguise & La Graciosa)

Main parade Costa Teguise – 2nd March

Carnival theme is “Una mascarada veneciana” – a Venetian Masquerade.


1st, 2nd and 3rd March

Carnival Gala – 1st March

Main parade – 2nd March

Carnival Day – 3rd March

Carnival theme is “The 1960’s”


Main Parade – 24th February

Carnival theme is “Mexico.”

Playa Blanca 

March 8th to 10th. 

Main parade 9th March 

The theme is The Animal World.

Main Parades

  • Arrecife – 12th February
  • San Bartolomé – 13th February at 12:00
  • Playa Honda – 16th February 18:00
  • Puerto del Carmen – 17th February
  • Haría – 24th February
  • Teguise – 1st March
  • Costa Teguise – 2nd March
  • Tinajo – 2nd March
  • Playa Blanca – 9th March

Carnival Programmes

We’ll post full details all the programmes here as soon as they are available. 



San Bartolomé:

Puerto del Carmen:




Friday, 23rd February
10:00h.- Island Inclusive Island Coso with the participation of the entire educational community of the island. Departure from the car park of the IES Haría through the streets of the municipality to the Plaza de Haría.
Presentation of Diver, the mascot of diversity, representative of Lanzarote, its author Guio Santana with a performance by Güicho and participants of the school batucadas.
Followed by the carnival dance.
17:00h.- Carnival of the Elderly. Party for the elderly of the municipality in the CSC La Tegala de Haría.
20:30h.- Inaugural Carnival Gala in the Plaza de Haría.
23:00h.- Carnival Verbena with the orchestras Banda Nueva and Maquinaria Band.

Saturday, 24th February
12:00h.- Pasaplaza at Plaza de Haría.
18:00h.- Carnival Parade with a parade of floats, murgas, comparsas, batucadas and a large number of masqueraders, starting from the cemetery car park and finishing in the Plaza de Haría.
22:00h.- Carnival Verbena with DJ Javi Fajardo, Juan Manuel La Línea with Maquinaria Band and Banda Nueva.

Playa Blanca:

Friday 8th March. Afternoon and evening events in the town centre include Drag gala, and live music party.

Saturday 9th March. Carnival Parade, starting at 18:00 from Playa Flamingo into the church in the town centre.

Sunday 10th March. More live music in town centre and closing ceremony of the carnival from 12:30.


  • Agua Clara