Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote Airport, which is called César Manrique Airport, consists of two terminals. T2 is for inter island flights only, so we’ll concentrate here on T1, which is where all international flights arrive and depart.

Arrival at Lanzarote Airport

Arriving at Lanzarote airport for the first time? Here’s what to expect when you arrive, and where to go once you’ve collected your luggage.

Approach and Landing

Generally, aircraft land from the ocean, so you’ll fly to the left of Arrecife, out towards Fuertevntura, then turn and come in right over the beach – sit on the left of the aircraft for the best views. It will look as though you are landing in the ocean, but at the last minute you’ll flare over the beach and pop onto the runway.

Occasionally, if the wind is “wrong” you’ll come in over the mountains, which is interesting, and you’ll fly over a main road just before touch down!

Most of the time, the aircraft will dock with an airway, but if the airport is really busy, a bus will come out to the apron for the aircraft which have been double parked.

Passport Control

Have your passport ready as you get off the plane, and you’ll have a short walk through corridors to passport control. EU citizens go through the EU channel, and non EU citizens through the other channel. The latter will have their passports stamped on entry, or go through E Gates, which will automatically record their entry and exit. Once through there, you will be in the baggage hall, and as usual, there are screens to tell you which carousel your luggage will be on.

If you’ve booked a hire car through one of the companies with offices in the terminal, you can save some time by going to the window and doing the contract while waiting for your luggage. There’s also a small duty free area in the baggage hall, so you can grab a bottle or some cigarettes to start your holiday with.

It’s worth noting that the car hire desks in the airport can get very busy, which is why our clients collect their cars from the car park, and you will also find that the duty free shop in the baggage hall is a little more expensive than the shops in the resorts – the whole island is duty free!

Don’t go out through the automatic doors until you have your luggage. You won’t be allowed back in to the baggage area.

You can arrange your car hire through us here: Lanzarote car hire

Where Next?

Once you have your luggage, you’ll exit through double doors. If a friend is meeting you, they will be there. If you have a coach to catch through a holiday company, turn right out of the doors, and you will see all the various reps holding up cards with their company’s names on them.

If you’ve booked a transfer, you’ll have been told which office to go to, and if you’ve booked your car hire with us, you’ll have instructions on where to go in the car park.

If you want to grab a taxi, stay on the ground floor, and walk straight out through the doors and you’ll see the taxi rank.

There is a public bus service which runs to the airport, details are here.

If you’ve pre booked a hire car with us, you’ll go upstairs and cross the road into the car park – your booking confirmation will tell you which lane to go to, to meet the car hire team.

What else?

In the terminal you’ll find a great little Café downstairs, a gift shop and a self service restaurant upstairs and toilets on both floors, as well as in the baggage hall. Note that once you’ve come out of the baggage hall, you cannot get back in there.

Important: There is only one cash machine at the airport and it frequently runs out of cash, so bring some Euros with you.

That’s it! You’ll find traversing through Lanzarote airport is quick and painless, and you’ll be sitting around the pool with your first drink in no time at all!

Departing from Lanzarote Airport

When your holiday comes to an end, you’ll need to return your hire car – note that if you hired your car through us, you shouldn’t go into the car hire car park – carry on to the main car park and head back to the meeting point. If the team are there, they will take the keys off you, if not, leave the keys in the car as instructed.

If you’re coming in by bus or coach, just head into the terminal.

Check In

If you have hold luggage, you will have to join the queue to check your cases in, if not, head straight to security through any of the check in desks. Lanzarote doesn’t currently offer a “bag drop” service.

If you have very large luggage, like a bike or surfboard, check in at the desk and they will tell you where yo go to drop the large package.


Once you’ve checked your cases head through the check in desk area and turn left. You’ll need your boarding card or the relevant app open on your phone.

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Listen to the instructions, but you’ll be asked to take mobile phones, tablets and lap tops out of your case, and remove watches, belts and anything metal. Any liquids must be less than 100ML and in a plastic bag, which you should take out of your case.

Departure lounge

Once you are through security, you’ll arrive into a large duty free shop. It is duty free, but most goods are on sale on the island at lower prices.

There is a free wifi service in the lounge, but you do need to register and sign in. There are sockets dotted around to charge your devices.

In the departure lounge you’ll find a shop that sells newspapers, magazines, sweet and other “airport” stuff, as well as a few designer clothes shops and a Lanzarote souvenir shop.

There are two balconies where you can get some air, and you can smoke on either.

There are two bars, a coffee shop, two restaurants and a Burger King, so plenty of places to grab a bite or a drink.

Non EU citizens will have their passports stamped on exit by immigration police.

VIP Lounge

There is also a VIP lounge, called the Guacimeta lounge. You can help yourself to free drinks and snacks. There is excellent WIFI and a smoking balcony. Read more here: Lanzarote airport VIP lounge.

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