Interview With Lou Hindes

I first found out about Lou at the “Songs For SARA” charity concert back in May this year. I didn’t get to hear play life until recently at the Candle & Music Nights “Conciertos Íntimos“.

When she sings covers, she sings them in a very heart-felt way, making them her own by putting her own stamp on them. It was a treat to hear some of her songs too. We made loose arrangements to meet up and chat. These are the results of our encounter:

Where are you from originally, Lou?
I’m from North London.

And long have you lived in Lanzarote?
Two and a half years.

What brought you here in the first place?
I wanted a change of pace. London can be pretty hectic and I had come on holidays to Lanzarote as a kid and as a teenager, so the choice made sense.

What do you like about the island?
The slower lifestyle, of course, and the climate.

Do you have a favourite place in Lanzarote?
El Bosquecillo. It’s so peaceful up there. I try to go during the week when it’s not so busy and I take my guitar there. It’s a very special place.

You obviously sing; what instruments do you play?
I play the piano, the guitar and the ukele. I’m self-taught and I started with the piano as a teenager. Then I moved onto the guitar. Before lockdown I had an accident and my arm was in a cast from my knuckles to my shoulder, so I didn’t know if I’d be able to play again. The ukele was gentler during my recovery.

Wow, that must have been tough.
Yeah, it was. Also at that time I adopted Quilla, my little dog. She is a rescue who was 3 years old at the time and needed special attention as she had a tough start in life. It turned out to be a good opportunity for both of us to get us through these uncertain times. Now I take her everywhere!

I know, I actually met your dog before I met you at the Shed in Sara!
Hahaha! She has definitely come a long way in terms of socialising, indeed.

Going back to the music, who would you say is your idol?
Oh, there are so many! If I had to pick one, which it’s really hard, it would have to be Billy Joel.

Nice pick! And for inspiration, in general?
The beauty of Lanzarote, without a doubt. I had stopped writing my own songs but I took it up again since moving to the island.

How would you describe your music for someone who’s never heard you before?
I need to like the songs I cover, to connect with it to be able to do it.

I must admit that the first time I heard you perform live I you reminded me of a female version of Damien Rice.
Yeah, I have been told that before, some people have mentioned a female version of Bob Dylan too.

Neither of them are not too bad a comparison, are they?
They aren’t indeed.

When and where do you have regular gigs in Lanzarote?
Luckily I’m back to working full time in Hatton Garden in Tías so my music has had to take a step back. I currently play every other Sunday at the Hatton Garden itself and every other Thursday in The Bucketlist in Puerto del Carmen. Ocassionally, I do some one-off gigs in other places.

Exactly, like the one I first say you play at. Do you have any special projects coming up?
Other that the ongoing help organising events for SARA the animal shelter and the “Lanza Rocks La Palma” charity concert on Saturday to help our neighbouring island, I don’t have any short term projects.

When I save up a bit of money and my Spanish is better, I’d like to study veterinary in Tenerife.

Tell us something your fans / followers might not know about you (yet!)
Well, other than being a volunteer at SARA where I help with organising fundraising events, walking dogs and helping in their Shed where donations of items are welcome as well as browsing yourself, I am an avid drawer.

It definitely shows that you are an animal lover and an artist at heart! Thank you, Lou. It’s been a pleasure chatting to you. I wish you the best of luck with all your endeavors!


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