Electric Island Bar

Interview – Albert Serrano


Albert is a very talented musician and an original member of one of the most successful bands in the island. He has some exciting news for us, let’s hear what he has to say…

Hi Albert. For those who don’t know you yet, where are you from originally?
I’m from Figueres, Girona. Up to the very north of Spain.

How long have you lived in Lanzarote?
I moved here in 2007 and I left 3 times to tour in mainland Spain but I have always come back.

It’s hard staying away, isn’t it? What brought you here in the first place?
My uncle gave my the tickets as a present for my 18th birthday on 1998 and I fell in love with the island from the very first day.

And what do you like about the island?
I love the quality of life we have here, the mixture of cultures, the weather and the possibility to do my job the whole year.

What is your favourite place in Lanzarote?
So difficult to choose only one but if I had to it would have to be Famara, I always thought that it has something special.

You are not the only one who thinks that, Albert. Now, back to the music. What do you play?
I play mostly guitar but over the years I’ve tried to play as many string based instruments as I could, like mandolin, bouzuki, resonator, ukelele, bass…

Wow, that’s a good few instruments! What can someone that has never heard you expect?
I always try to perform as good as I can, with passion. To me it’s not only my job, it’s a dream to do what you like and do it with your friends.

And having heard you perform in many occasions I can vouch for that, not only your talent but you certainly play with passion! Who is your idol or inspiration?
I never been an idol kind of guy but there’s lots of musicians and songwriters that I adore and try to learn of. Depending on the moment of the day I always try to listen and play different styles of music.

Fair enough. When and where do you have regular gigs?
I’ve been a member of “Rory and the Island” from the very beginning and from October I will run my own bar there, The Electric Island Bar, playing six nights a week there with my band.

That sounds very exciting!
It is indeed. The big opening of the Electric Island Bar is on October the 5th. We are working hard with my good friend Pedro Ruiz on bass guitar and vocals, and Conor Sloane on drums and vocals to offer a good show and great vibes. We will have also, once a week, two fantastic special guests to offer different sets and different nights to our audience.
Note: Actually I did interview Pedro back in 2015, you can read more about him here:  Pedro Ruiz

Oh, can you tell us who the guest artists will be? Actually, no, I like surprises! How can our readers keep up to date with your gigs?
They can follow our Facebook page, Electric Island Lanzarote  where we will put all the info about the bar, gigs, videos…

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
To enjoy their time here, in this beautiful Island. And that we all should try to keep it clean and recycle to protect this really special place in the world. And if they want to have a night out listening to nice music and have great time they will be more than welcome to the Electric Island. Thank you and cheers!

Very wise words, Albert, we need to protect this paradise. Thank you for your time, and the best of luck in your new venture.