Lanzarote a Caballo

Horse Riding At Lanzarote A Caballo

I had been to Lanzarote a Caballo on many occasions, mainly hunting for a bargain at its Sunday car boot sale or to attend some of its special charity events. But never horse riding. I had toyed with the idea for ages, so earlier this summer I took the plunge and I booked myself for a half an hour ride.

Lanzarote a Caballo is just off the roundabout between Mácher and the Uga one with the camels, so it’s very easy to reach if you have a car or have rented one. If not, it’s a similar distance (but on the opposite way) from Puerto del Carmen to the airport, so I wouldn’t expect a taxi to cost much more than the fare to the airport.

As I arrived, a small group was departing with their guide, heading over the road towards Puerto Calero. I was very lucky to have a guide to myself and being a complete novice, I appreciated it even more. I paid and left my personal belongings at the office and I was kitted with a helmet, for safety reasons.

My horse was a stunning looking mare called Espurna, which means “Spark” in Catalan and she happens to come from Mallorca, as many of the horses available for riding there. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of her or the excursion itself: I was too excited to start with and once I was up on the horse, I barely could let go of the saddle, never mind taking my phone out to snap a shot!

With the help of a step, I had been assisted to mount the horse and I was given some brief instructions on what to do and what to grab onto, mainly the saddle. My guide had hold of Espurna by means of a rope which she controlled from her own horse.

I remember patting the side of her neck and talking to her asking her to be good to me and praising how beautiful she was. I was really in awe of her. And a little bit scared too: in case you hadn’t realised that before, horses are quite tall -even more when you are seating on them- and I don’t do well with heights! Also I was surprised as the amount of of noise the horseshoes made on the ground and how much the horse moved from one side to the other with every step she took. No wonder my knuckles were white, I was grabbing the saddle for dear life!

We slowly left the stables as we started our route. We basically took the path that goes along the main road in the opposite direction of the traffic, then towards the hill across from us up to a viewing point were you could enjoy the panoramic views from Los Ajaches Mountains, Puerto Calero, Puerto del Carmen and towards the airpot and Arrecife. I had managed to relax a bit by now, had been chatting to my guide along the way and I was able to enjoy the light breeze and take in the amazing views. It was really an exhilarating experience.

Then we took kind of a big loop back to the stables and Espurna knew she was going back home as she started to neigh very loudly and she even picked up her pace a bit. I was afraid she was going to go on her two back legs and then take off galloping home, but luckily she didn’t!

When we arrived back, I was assisted down off the horse, again by giving me very specific instructions and it was all done and dusted: Espurna was taken back to her cubicle for a well deserved rest.

I have to admit that, being a beginner, half an hour felt like it was plenty. My fingers were very stiff when I manage to peel them off the saddle and my bum develop some tenderness over the next few days. Thank God I do yoga, so at least spreading the legs either side of the horse wasn’t too difficult to do!

All in all, it was a lovely experience, one I would certainly recommend even to people who had never been on a horse, like myself, before.

Of course, there are longer excursions and different routes to take for people with more experience too.

Half an hour excursion cost me €20.
For one hour rides, it’s €35 per person.
For an hour and a half, it’s €40.
For a two hours excursion on the countryside it’s €50.
And for a two hours excursion on the beach, it’s €60. Boy, I can’t wait to be experienced enough to go on that one!

For more information and bookings at Lanzarote a Caballo, please email or call/WhatsApp +34 626 59 37 37.

Prices are correct at the time of publishing. For current prices, please contact Lanzarote a Caballo directly.

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