Grease Themed Evening At Starlight

We love The Starlight Open Air cinema – there’s something really special about enjoying a movie on a warm balmy night under the stars.

But they now have a new attraction on Thursdays, which is a fabulous event. It’s a package deal, so it includes an arrival drink, a two course meal, popcorn and of course, your cinema seats.

The full Grease movie is shown, which is an all time classic, but what makes the difference is that The Pink Ladies are there, and when the songs come on, subtitles appear on screen, so everyone can join in. The Pink Ladies are Amy, Helen and Michelle, and they make the event, with some excellent dance routines and by involving the audience at key points throughout the movie. There’s also a special appearance by a couple of the T-Birds at one point. The audience can sing along to all the classic hits, and we were even shown how to hand jive along to Sandy and Danny.

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It’s a really unusual experience, but a good one – watching a movie we’ve all seen dozens of times, in a completely, almost 3d way, and with a totally new perspective. I think the formula is a winner, and I’m hoping we’ll see some new versions in the future – how about Mamma Mia?

If you haven’t eaten there before, the menu is much more interesting than you would expect from “cinema food.” They have a full kitchen, and we enjoyed a fabulous spicy, chicken wrap, and a Club Panini for our main courses, both served with fries.

In case you haven’t been before, all the usual luxury Starlight touches in place:

  • One of the best views on the island
  • A choice of comfy couches or relaxing chairs
  • Top quality bluetooth headphones
  • A button you push on your table to order more drinks, pop corn or food
  • Blankets in case it gets cool, although in summer, you won’t need them

It’s so good to see a new and different experience in Lanzarote, and we highly recommend it.

The Grease Themed Experience is every Thursday at Starlight Open Air cinema on the rooftop at the Biosfera Shopping Centre. You arrive at 7PM for drinks and your meal, and the movie starts at 8.30PM. (Times may vary throughout the year.)

You can book your tickets here: Starlight Cinema Booking. You can email via or call on 928 511 690.