Gourmet food shopping

Gourmet Food Shopping In Lanzarote

Lanzarote now has several gourmet food shopping outlets, where you can buy top quality food and drink, sourced both locally and from around the world.

Here are a few places we use for those special treats. They’re all in Arrecife, so park up in town and wander around them all. With the exception of the last two, all the shops below are within a hundred metres of each other:

Queso Project

Gourmet Food Shopping

We’ve never met people more passionate about cheese than Ana and Vicente. They travel around Europe and the islands, sourcing the very best cheeses from boutique cheese makers and bring them back to Lanzarote for all of us to enjoy.

Tell them what sort you cheese you enjoy, and they’ll let you taste their recommendations.

Calle José Molina 7, Arrecife.

Algomás Tienda Gourmet y Artesania

Gourmet Food Shopping

We’ve known Alena for many years. The shop has a broad range of wines, interesting spirits, unusual tinned and jarred foods, as well as a selection of craft items that make for perfect gifts.

Plan to spend some time here, as there’s a lot to look at!

Calle José Molina 8, Arrecife

Bodega Stratvs Gourmet Shop

The shop is in right in the centre of Arrecife, and although it majors on the award winning Stratvs wines, it also carries a lot of produce from the fabulous Finca de Uga – goat’s cheeses, olives, cured meats and much more.

The full range of wines from this exceptional bodega, and plenty of nibbles to enjoy with them.

Calle Leon y Castillo, in the pedestrian zone, Arrecife

Territorio Sibarita

Gourmet Food Shopping

This is a superb wine shop, with wines literally from all over the world. One of the few places in Lanzarote you can see a good selection of top class wines. Isobel also has a great selection of wine gadgets, like aerators, cork pullers, decanters, ice buckets and more, as well as a small selection of gourmet food items.

Look out for their regular wine tasting sessions.

Calle Otilia Diaz 14, Arrecife

La Chokteria

Flor at La Chokteria is the source of some truly amazing teas, coffees and drinking chocolates from all over the world. She will recommend a coffee or a tea blend based on what you like, and then grind the beans as required. They also have a range of accessories like coffee makers, tea infusion gadgets and more.

Go in there for the most amazing smell!

Calle Fajardo 4, Arrecife

Pastelería Lamontagne

Incredible artisan chocolate, cakes and pastries, beautifully hand made and deliciously presented. They also have a small cafe so you can enjoy a cake and a coffee on site.

Heaven for cake lovers, and a delight on the eye.

Calle Manolo Millares, Arrecife

Cerveza Nao

Craft beer is huge these days, and Arrecife has one of the best brewers in Miguel. Their signature beers are stunning, and they always have at least one unusual brew on the go to try. You can call in and buy beer, and on some days the little bar there opens so you can enjoy a drink and a tapa.

Pop in for a drink on a Friday afternoon, and you can see the whole brewery through the glass window at the back of the bar.

Calle Foque 5, Arrecife

So there you have it genuine gourmet food shopping – head into Arrecife on a Saturday morning and fill your boot!

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