Gluten Free

Gluten Free Shopping In Lanzarote

Lots of concerned holidaymakers contact us prior to their visit to find out where they can their gluten free and other specialised shopping in Lanzarote.

Specialist Shops

Naturalmente Calle El Rapido, Arrecife. Reader Carol says: I find it is by far the best stocked special foods shop with lots of gluten free stuff and more that I have found on the island.   Not only that everything is organic.  They also sell organic meats and some organic vegetables.

Ecotienda Habitat in C.C. Arrecife

Herbarium situated between Pueblo Marinero and C.C. Las Maretas, Avenida Islas Canarias in Costa Teguise

Herbolario Jalea Real in C.C. Mercadillo on Calle Real in Arrecife

Herbolario Ecocentro in C.C. Deiland in Playa Honda

Herbolario El Alquimista on Calle Góngora in Arrecife

Hespérides in Casa Leon, Leon y Castillo in Teguise

Kamila Grosmut on Calle Antonio María Manrique in Teguise

Tienda Verde on Calle Libertad in Tías


Ecoventa Lanzarote
Calle de Blas Cabrera Topham

They have a great selection of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, as well as some organic staples.

Biotienda La Villa
Calle el Rayo

Small shop that sells smoothies, organic staples and some organic fresh fruit and vegetables. They also take orders from local farmers.

Thanks to Cecilia Lindstrom for the updates above.


Eurospar stock both Schär and Gullón products as well as soya milk and yoghurts.

Mercadona also has a range of Gluten free products and a wide choice of different milks.


Rice milk – Herbolario El Alquimista

Rice milk, soya milk, almond milk & oat milk – Herbarium


Schär state they are the experts in gluten free food. We have various shops in Lanzarote who stock their range of products such as gluten free bread, pasta, snacks, biscuits, cereals and flour.

Gullón are a biscuit company, founded in 1892 and one of the top three in Spain. They have a health and fibre range of biscuits covering gluten, salt and sugar free varieties which are stocked in the local supermarkets.

Spanish Translation

Sin – without

Trigo – wheat

Gluten – gluten

Sucre – sugar

Sal – salt

Leche – milk

Soja – soya

Celiac – celíaca

Coeliac – celíaco

Sin productos lácteos por favour – no dairy products please.

More reading: Gluten free foodie in Lanzarote.

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