Naked Lanzarote

Getting Naked In Lanzarote

There are a few places where it’s acceptable to get an all over suntan here in Lanzarote, and on any beach you’ll find ladies comfortable being topless. But did you know that Lanzarote is a very naturist friendly island?

If you want to get the sun on your nether regions, here are the places to go:

Charco del Palo

Charco del Palo is a whole resort that is naturist, so you’ll be able to wander all around it without clothing. It’s on the coast, near Mala in the north of the island. You can read more about the resort here:  Charco del Palo, Lanzarote

The Airport Runway Beach

As you walk round from Matagorda towards Playa Honda, the pathway turns along the length of the airport runway. You’ll find the middle section of Playa de Guacimeta is a naturist zone.

Playa Congrio, Papagayo

There are five beaches in total at Papagayo, and the second from the right, as you face the ocean, Playa del Congrio, is popular with nudists. Read more about Punta Papagayo here: Papagayo Beach

Playa Quemada

Not the town beach, but keep walking over the headland towards Playa Blanca, and you’ll come to another naturist beach.

Playa de la Cantería

One of the small white sand beaches off the road to Órzola in the north of the island, Playa de la Cantería is frequented by naturists.

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