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How To Get A Market Stall In Lanzarote

The markets in Lanzarote are popular with both residents and tourists, it’s not surprising that we’re often asked how do you apply for a market stall. As we haven’t had one ourselves, we enlisted the help of Len and Joan who had a hand crafted wood stall called Wood Art by Leo.

Below is a guide to the documents required, the process and contacts for market stalls in Teguise and Haría as well as obtaining an Artesanía creditation.

Documents required for a market stall application

Residencia card / certificate

Empadronamiento certificate

Two passport / residencia photos


Photos of goods for sale

Take the originals of above plus two photocopies of each document.

Application Process For Teguise Market Stall

The Sunday market in Teguise is open from 09:00 – 14:00.

The Teguise market office is on Calle José Betancort 2, La Villa de Teguise.

The office hours are from Tuesday to Friday 17:00 – 20:00 and Sunday 08:00 – 14:00.

Contact: Suso (who doesn’t speak English)

Telephone: 928 845 317


Each market stall holder is required to register at the Ayuntamiento in Teguise once a year in November, there is a form to complete and an annual payment of €150.25. There is an additional weekly payment required of €20.00 for your stall area, this cost varies according to the size of your stall. You are required to bring your own stall unless you are a registered Artesan which are provided.

Once you have registered and been accepted you will be allocated a temporary space, you need to queue at Suso’s office every Sunday from 07:30 to be allocated a position for that day. There are market rules that have to be adhered to.

Application Process For Haría Market

The Saturday market in Haría is open from 10:00 – 14:00.

The market office is in the Ayuntamiento building in Haria which is normally open from 08:00 – 13:00 although it is best to ring in advance for an appointment.

Contact: Carmen (who doesn’t speak English)

Telephone: 928 836 007

Each stall holder is required to register at the Ayuntamiento in Haría once a year in November. There is no charge for a stall on the Haría market. The market tent which is 2 m2, table top and legs are provided for you by the Ayuntamiento.

Once registered and accepted you join the queue for Ignacio in the market area between 09:15 – 09:30 where you will be allocated a space and tent number for use that day.

Artesan Licence (Carnet de Artesano)

If your products are hand crafted locally here in Lanzarote, you can apply for an Artesan Licence. The licences are issued by the Cabildo of Lanzarote. Their office is in the Cabildo building in Arrecife.

Contact: Seve

Telephone: 928 598 547

The licences are issued annually in September.

If you are accepted then an inspector will contact you to arrange a workshop visit. The aim of the visit is to establish that you have the equipment and knowledge for the goods that you produce, they may want to see you making your product during the inspection. Rejection may be due to too many of a similar product already in the market place or that your work shop visit failed.

Once you have passed the inspection you will receive an official letter and your Carnet de Artesano can be collected from the Cabildo. Artesanos are also given special black cards that can be displayed on your products to show authenticity. As an artesano you can also apply for stalls at special craft markets here in Lanzarote such as Los Dolores as well as other Canary Islands.

Many thanks to Len and Joan for this information.

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