Fundacion Cesar Manrique

The Fundación César Manrique is based in Taro de Tahíche, the building was the former residence of César Manrique from 1968 until it became their headquarters in 1992. This property really reflects the concept that Manrique created, a wonderful mixture of the natural environment and modern design.

Architect Frei Otto said that Taro de Tahiche “it is something special. It reminds me of similar houses in Pedregal, Mexico, but this is unique, it is possible, it is Lanzarote altogether, it is totally Manrique, it is old and yet new: grottos, passageways, water, stairways, lighting from the side, from overhead…”

The house was built over five volcanic bubbles, which have been created into individual areas connected by tunnels and passageways of volcanic rock and the signature special white Manrique paint.

There are great features which inspire you to want to create something wonderful with your own property, such as the big lump of volcanic rock that sits through the window, and the relaxing sound of water trickling.

There are swimming pools and then there are Manrique pools! The outdoor space is fabulous too, with the pool and barbecue area and then the artistic walls around the pond and garden.

If you want to understand more about the development of Lanzarote and César Manrique you really should take time to visit the Fundación, its so much more than his ‘Jugetes del Viento” – wind toys.

The Fundación César Manrique is situated on Calle Jorge Luis Borges, just off the roundabout in Tahíche heading towards San Bartolomé. Open from 09:00 to 18:00 November to June and an extra hour to 19:00 in the summer months July to October. Entrance: Adults €8 and children under 12 €1.

Visit as part of the Cesar Manrique Lanzarote Tour.