Fresh Fizz Interview

Diane: Hello Deanna Marie, of Fresh Fizz Lanzarote, bath bombs, where are you from originally?

Deanna: I’m originally from Wolverhampton, in England.

Diane: What brought you to Lanzarote?

Deanna: I came to Lanzarote when I was 9 years old with my family, I was educated here and learned to speak fluent Spanish. I fell in love with the island and stayed. 

Diane: How did you come up with the lovely name of your business?

Deanna: I wanted to have a name that represents what a bath bomb does. So automatically, I had to use the word Fizz, it sums up the experience nicely, a bit like champagne.

Diane: Can you explain what you make and sell for those that might not know what bath bombs are?

Deanna: Bath bombs have only been around since 1989 … Lush, the high street shop in the UK starting selling bath bombs. The scent alone would draw me into the shop. As I understood it, the company were looking for an alternative to traditional bath products and the team were inspired by the fizzing action of Alka Seltzer. They came up with the idea of creating a scented product to go in the bath that would sizzle and dissolve. Another angle was using all-natural ingredients that were kind to the skin. So combining the luxury of hot soak in the bath, a hint of fun chemistry and delicious aromatherapy, the elements all came together to produce what we now know and love as bath bombs.

Diane: What are your favorite scents?

Deanna: The coconut scent is my favorite it reminds me of exotic destinations and beach holidays. The scent just makes me smile all day long. Also, the strawberry scent has a nice fruity kick. They will all leave your skin lightly fragranced and fill your bath with colours and fizz, without staining your bath tub.

Diane: Which of your products are most in demand?

Deanna: The heart shapes are my best sellers as well as the flower shapes. Also, the Ghost shape and the Christmas trees will be popular next and of course the geodes are popular with the guys.

Diane: I think they are all gorgeous, I could put them in every drawer in my house, they smell so heavenly. Have you always been interested in this craft?  If not, how did you find out that you liked it and why?

Deanna: I have always been interested in crafts and experimenting with ideas. Whenever I went to England for a visit, I would always go and shop at Lush Cosmetics to buy their bath bombs. When I returned to Lanzarote after my last visit, I noticed that nowhere on the island had a variety of bath bombs for sale. So I saw an opportunity and I experimented with several recipes until I found the perfect one.

Diane: I am so thrilled by your new venture; I am especially thinking how creative you are starting a new business in our current situation. I adore bath bombs and they make great presents, and now I know I can buy them in Lanzarote. Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

Deanna: Yes. I am currently working on vegan friendly soaps! Absolutely not tested on animals.

Diane: Vegan soap! That sounds exciting, I will be your first customer. I am not a fan of the high levels of damaging preservatives found in most supermarket soap. I read a book a few years ago called Cosmetics to Die For, it was written by a chemist who worked in the industry and blew the whistle on the skin damaging preservatives, like ingredients left over from the oil industry, and particularly hormone disrupting parabens.

Diane: How has the Spanish state of emergency affected selling your work?

Deanna: I mainly started selling my bath bombs during these difficult times. I am very conscious of many people’s loss of income and the resulting poverty. Not everyone can afford expensive birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts. I think because my prices are affordable, I get a lot of repeat business, for example a single bath bomb can be as little as €1.50. And many people have been buying my boxed gift sets at just €6.

Diane: I have to say, as soon as I saw your products, I knew I had to try them. I like the idea of a vegan product very much, and I thought the cardboard packaging was delightful, yet simple. The products themselves. Wow! Wow! Wonderful colours and scents to add to a pampering bath at very little cost, making your bath water a swirl of a beautiful colours and floral aromas.

Deanne: Thank you, I have worked hard to get this collection together and I am so happy to be sharing my story with you.

Diane: How would you describe your craft/work ?

Deanna: It is fascinating to watch the colors emerge into the water with all the fizz and foam and delicious scents.

Diane: Why did you decided to have a vegan product? Was it in the light of the current state of the planet and the terrible misuse of the animal kingdom?

Deanna: Nowadays it’s the way forward. There is no need to use products that aren’t cruelty free and vegan friendly when there are always many choices and better substitutes. Better for our skin, the planet and of course, I believe animal suffering has to be ended by a kinder approach. Government polices should put a stop to the cruel testing of cosmetics and beauty products on animals.

Diane: I absolutely agree, there are so many big companies like Clinique and Estee Lauder, still testing toiletries on innocent animals, they hide the fact by having it done on their behalf in China; we each have to take a stand on this form of animal abuse and do something. Read more here and find out alternative companies that are cruelty free.

Diane: What gorgeous materials do you work with to create such lovely scents?

Deanna: I use coconut oil, water soluble dyes, essential oils and fragrances, Epsom Salts, and witch hazel. I have a few more secret ingredients! Those are for me to know. No one knows the secret recipe for Coca Cola and Heinz tomatoe ketchup for example. My lips are sealed on my products too.

Diane: What’s the goal for your work?

Deanna: I am aiming to sell on Etsy and also to local Beauty Salons, (if there is anyone interested in displaying my products please get in touch with me).

Diane: What is your scariest/ funniest/ favourite moment selling or making your products?

Deanna: Probably one of the funniest moments was when my kitten knocked over a tub of red dye! He was covered in it. 

Diane: Oh, dear he must have been red faced! Lol, that must have been a tricky cleaning job!

Deanna: It was, fortunately we spotted it immediately and took action, it came off easily and quickly, no damage done.

Diane: Thank you for enlightening us about your beautiful products, you have a valued customer in me already! I know exactly who to contact for girly gifts. Let us know when your vegan soaps are ready. Where can anyone see your work? Or how can people contact you? Also, what is your delivery method?

Deanna: I have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. Both under the name of Fresh Fizz Lanzarote. I deliver free anywhere on the island.

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