Despite the official Saint’s Day being the 16th of July, Puerto del Carmen celebrates Fiesta del Carmen later on that most of the other towns and villages in Lanzarote. The town hall releases the official programme almost later than that! Joking aside, here you will find the scheduled activities for each year’s festivities, the majority of which are held in the Old Town.

Nuestra Señora Carmen is the patron saint of fishermen, and therefore of Puerto del Carmen, so the celebration is a big one. It all culminates in a very moving procession of an effigy of the saint from the little church, and she is then placed in a boat festooned with colourful decorations. The main boat, surrounded by a huge flotilla of smaller boats, then sails out into the ocean, where the priests aboard carry out a blessing for a good fishing season.

As well as loads of events centred at the harbour in Puerto del Carmen, there is always a fantastic fun fair at Fiesta del Carmen for everyone to enjoy. You can see the details in the poster, and we’ve added a translation below for you.

Most of the actions takes place at Plaza del Varadero, which is the big square in the old town harbour, but there are other locations, like Playa Grande for the volleyball Playa Chica for fishing and the local school football ground.


Puerto del Carmen programme Fiesta del Carmen 2021

We publish full details of the programme here when it’s available.