Drinking Tap Water In Lanzarote

The tap water in Lanzarote is safe to drink from the mains, but it doesn’t taste very good, because it’s desalinated sea water. So most people who live here buy large containers of water from the supermarkets with their weekly shopping. It’s not that tap water is dangerous, but it’s desalinated from sea water, and is often stored in alibes, or water storage tanks for some time.

This is what the filter on our system looks like after three month’s use, compare it to the new one on the left.

But it’s a real pain buying those large containers! You fill up your trolley with the 5 or 8 litre containers, hump them into the boot of the car, do the same from the car to the kitchen, and then you’ve got the problem of storing them somewhere. Add to that, if you get it wrong and run out, it means an unplanned journey to the shops.

Not only that, those water containers end up in landfill and ultimately as micro plastics ruining the ocean around the island and endangering sea life.

Local company Agua Clara has a solution – they fit filters to your kitchen tap so you can use the water in the house for drinking, cooking and making teas and coffees.

We’ve had an Agua Clara filter for years, and we love not having to think about buying water.

The company can fit the filter system in about an hour. It has two elements – a sediment filter and a ceramic filter. The two filters remove fine particles, pathogens, chlorine and heavy metals and produce wonderful, clean drinking water.

The two elements are replaced every six months, and it costs considerably less than buying water from the supermarket or even having a home delivery.

For more information, get in touch with Ray from Agua Clara.