Charity Corner – Fund Raiser In Aid Of “La unión hace la fuerza”

“La unión hace la fuerza”, a Spanish expression meaning “together we are stronger”, is a small community project run by four volunteers based in Costa Teguise: Cheryl Fowlie , Judith Colquhoun and Jill and Spencer Locke.

They depend on people’s donations for food and toiletries that they share with families who receive little or no help from the system. Although they try to help as many people as they can, requests for help can only be met by donations.

“La unión” is currently trying to supply food to about 28 families, which translates into well in excess of 120 adults and children. The families are in the main not homeless but simply lack sufficient funds due to lack of work, etc.

Any cash donations received are all logged and receipted, and then spent on buying fresh fruit, vegetables, baby milk, meat and cheese, tinned veg and pulses and toiletries and sanitary products. Food donations are dropped off at different locations in Costa Teguise for “la unión” to pick up. They then prepare the bags of food for each family that get delivered directly to their homes.

The project was started by a Spanish mum back in June 2020 ( shortly after lockdown ended ) but within a month Spencer realised she was actually needing our help as well. Jill and Spencer took over the project then and managed collections and deliveries for about 3 months. Judith Colquhoun always collected for us and her bar “Heroes” became drop off point. They are the four administrators of the Facebook group:

The collection points in Costa Teguise are :

1) Heroes Sports Bar, near Playa Bastián with Judith Colquhoun and Stuart Colquhoun.

2) The Cavern, just opposite Las Coronas Apartments with Tracy Wiles and Peter.

3) The offices of Las Coronas Apartments between 10am and 1pm.

Twice a week Jill and Cheryl go shopping at Lidl. Judith gets milk and other items from people who donate directly to her bar.

Food deliveries take place on Monday and Thursdays and Fridays. Some people are fortnightly because “la unión” simply can’t supply everyone weekly at the moment.

“La unión” occasionally needs to have fundraising events to enable them to simply continue to supply the basics. As the current situation has continued for well over a year now, donations have understandably become less and less over the last few months.

Hence, the FUNdraiser event will be held in Debs Diner ( adjacent to the swimming pool ) in Océano Hotel in Costa Teguise on Saturday the 31st of July, starting at 2pm and it’s expected to last between 2 and 3 hours. There will be stalls, games, live music and food. The age minimum at the hotel is 16 years old and over so, unfortunately, children under that age are not admitted.

People can message the administrators directly or through the group, whether is to offer donations or to request help. Now more than ever, we need to show the world, Lanzarote and Costa Teguise that together, we are stronger.

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