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Charity Corner – A December To Remember With Terrie Weather

In November’s Charity Corner I’ll be telling you about Terrie weather, the most popular weathergirl for Lanzarote. She is currently raising money for vulnerable people and small businesses on the island.

All proceeds of her “December to Remember” project, via her non-profit organisation “Sunshine and Smiles” will go to charity. Donations can be made online on Buy Me A Coffee. You can either “buy” 1, 3 or 5 coffees -or any given amount of coffees you choose- at €5 per coffee. Donations will be turned into vouchers and given to struggling local families who can then redeem them with local small businesses like bars restaurants and clothes shops so the families get some help and the local businesses get support too. It’s a win-win!

Terrie weather moved to Lanzarote from Manchester 7 years ago with her husband. They had always wanted to live abroad and after spending time in both Greece and Turkey it was Lanzarote that finally won their hearts.

She started doing the weather when she was the Sales and Marketing Manager for a villa rental company. Every day the sales team would have customers asking about the weather and so she thought that instead of an email they could add a video to their newsletters and Terrie Weather was born.

“December to Remember” is a non-profit organisation “Sunshine and Smiles’s” first project. They will be looking to run other projects and events all with the aim of helping local vulnerable people. There are so many wonderful people on the island already helping with food, clothes and essential supplies but having seen so many small businesses close this year and having so many followers who are passionate about Lanzarote, Terrie wanted to start with something that would help both sides. A double whammy, she appropriately calls it.

Following a visit from her sister where they walked along Famara beach discussing what she could do to help as many people as possible, and with the focus of mental health very much in the back of her mind, she wanted to do something that would mean people could go and have a treat and escape for a little while. For Terrie sitting by the sea with a coffee and piece of cake is therapy. So many of her followers know the pleasure that the first cold drink or meal out brings to them. Bearing in mind that they themselves have not being able to do that as freely and easily this year led her to wanting to fuse this idea and feeling, making it instead a gift for others.

There are some wonderful people who have been helping out on the island not just in this crisis but for many years, Terrie is in touch with Dave Poxon, Nuria Roach Casares, Kirsty Dollery, Sue Jones and Katy Louise Mawson to name a few. They all have been instrumental in getting help organised and have made mammoth efforts to raise funds and distribute food and other essentials. As they are in direct contact with the vulnerable families and they have built such lovely relationships, Terrie decided they would be best to help allocate the vouchers, gifts and clothes from the project.

Also, Terrie weather has managed to gather 10 impressive raffle prizes so far, listed here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/terrieweather/week-six. Local companies are also offering free gifts for the families too. If any other business is interested in donating, they would be very welcome. Raffle tickets are given per donation and she will be announcing the winners on Christmas Eve on a live Terrie Weather broadcast.

There will be a secret conclusion to the “December to Remember” project, but the details can’t be revealed yet…otherwise it wouldn’t be secret! 😉

Terrie will be publishing the total amount raised at the end of the project, which will run until Monday 14th December, 2020. The total raised then will be converted into vouchers. Of course, any money received after this date will be used to buy food and provide ongoing support.

Follow Terrie Weather on Social Media for updates on the weather and on this fund-raising event, of course:
Facebook @terrieweatherlanzarote – https://www.facebook.com/TerrieWeatherLanzarote
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