Car Hire FAQ’s

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Is the insurance really zero excess?

For most of the cars, yes, zero excess, and no deposit. A few of the more expensive cars have a €300 excess and a €300 deposit required, which will be taken on your credit card and refunded when the car is returned in good condition. We’ll always tell you if it’s a car with an excess.

Is the insurance fully inclusive?

Basically, yes. If you write the car off, or its stolen, you’ll have nothing to pay (other than the €300 excess, if it’s a premium car.) But, as always, there are some exclusions – usually around negligence:

  • Wheels and tyres are not covered. This is about you “kerbing” the car or, for example, driving over large rocks and smashing a wheel.
  • Loss of keys.
  • Putting the wrong fuel in the car – diesel in a petrol car or vice versa.

It’s worth noting that in ten years or arranging 10’s of thousands of hires, we’ve only ever had one instance of a client being charged for any of the above.

We don’t offer any “add-on” insurances. When you collect your car, nobody will try to sell you anything.

Why does your quote say “VW Polo Or Similar?”

Car hire companies never guarantee a specific make or model of car. That’s because the car allocated to you could be damaged the day before you are due to collect it. So they always reserve the right to give you something similar. It will always be something close to what you ordered, and never from a lower group. In fact, on the rare occasion this happens, most clients get upgraded.

But the reality is, if you book a VW Polo or similar, nine times out of ten you will get a VW Polo.

Do the cars have Sat Nav?

Most don’t. Even on models where it is standard, it’s usually deactivated in hire cars. You’ll be able to use your tablet or phone, and in many cases blue tooth or plug it into the car’s audio system.

What is the law on child seats?

Children under 18KG in weight must be in a child seat, and those under 135CM tall must use a booster seat. We offer child seats from 9 to 18KG and booster seats FOC. If you have a very small baby, under 9KG, please bring your own seat – the airlines generally carry them FOC.

How does fuel work?

When you collect the car, the rep will make a note on your contract of how much fuel was in the tank – usually a quarter tank. Just bring it back with roughly the same level. We don’t make any charges for fuel. There is a gas station at the airport. Most are attendant service here.

Does someone check the car in or out?

In a word no! We’re much more relaxed about car hire here than in most countries. Your car may have a scrape or a small dent in it when you collect it, and equally, you may bring it back with one. Nobody stresses about it – it’s one of those things.

You certainly won’t be charged for any damage, unless it’s a premium car.

Where do I collect the car from?

95% of clients collect from the airport. You’ll be given instructions, but basically, you go to the airport car park and meet the rep at a little hut there. Dropping off is easy – if the rep is there, he or she will take your key. If they aren’t there, you just park the car and leave the keys in it.

We can also arrange for you to collect your car from one of 16 offices all over the island. Note the offices close in the afternoons from 1230 until 1630.

Why does your quote say “At the same time?”

Car hire companies all work on whole “days,” so if you collect your car at 10AM and want to bring it back at 1PM 7 days later, you’ll pay for 8 days hire.

What’s the best value hire period?

Car hire costs are loaded into the start of the rental – preparing the car, getting it to the airport, doing the paperwork etc. So short hires are pricey – in fact our minimum hire period is three days. But the best value is a 7 day or more hire – that’s where the prices really come down.

Do you do long term hires?

Yes, we have many clients who rent for three months each year, and a couple who rent for si months. You do need to pay the rental up front, though.

Do you offer discounts for regular hirers?

Yes, we do. Once you’ve done your fourth hire with us, we make you a VIP client, and you will then qualify for 5% discount on all hires.

What happens if I have a breakdown?

Your contract will have a 24 hour phone number on it. If you get stuck somewhere, call the number, and they will send a technician to you. If it’s an easy fix, they will do it. If not, they will give you the car they arrived in, and wait for a tow truck.

What if the car has a minor problem?

You can call in to any of the 16 offices around the island, and they will either sort it or swap the car.

What happens about parking or speeding tickets?

If you get a parking or speeding ticket handed to you, you’re better off getting it paid quickly. get in touch with us, and we’ll direct you to the website where you can pay it online. Or you can take the ticket to any La Caixa bank on the island and make payment.

If its a camera that catches you, the car hire company will pass your details on to the police, who will send the ticket to your home address. Again, we can help you pay it.

Do I need my original driving licence?

Yes, a copy won’t do. You should also carry your licence with you when driving in Spain as the police will ask to see it if they stop you.

Can I add a second driver at a later date?

Yes, you can. You will need to take the driver and their licence to any of the offices on the island, and they will issue a new contract with their name on it. There is no charge.

Note, there is a maximum of two drivers at any one time, and only those on the contract should drive the car.

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