Covid restrictions

Canary Islands Covid Restrictions Ending 26th March

President of The Canaries Ángel Victor Torres announced on Tuesday that Covid restrictions will be suspended in the islands on Saturday 26th March.

Note this applies only to local measures and visitors will still have to meet entry requirements to Spain in terms of vaccinations etc – and complete the SPTH entry form. Indoor mask wearing will also continue for now, as this is a measure imposed by the national government. 

The measures that are being lifted mean:

  • Capacities in bars, restaurants, cultural venues and sporting events revert to 100%
  • Dancing will once again be allowed
  • Festivals, parties and demonstrations can once again take place without restriction or authorisations
  • There will be no mandated closing hours

Torres went on to say that this is a suspension of measures and that they will be reintroduced if the situation requires.

There remain some Covid restrictions in place which are controlled by central government in Madrid:

  • Everyone visiting Spain must complete the SPTH entry form.
  • Depending on which country they are from, they need to be either fully vaccinated, take a Covid test, or have a certificate of recovery.
  • Masks must be worn in indoor public spaces.

The Madrid government are considering the suspension of mask wearing currently, and we are expecting news in the near future, and we will update here as soon as there is news.

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