Exclusive Offer! Currently, we’re able to offer half price pre-booked standard seats on all Jet 2 bookings you make with us. This applies to all new Jet 2 bookings made in 2018, for travel any time.

We know many of you use Jet 2 for your Lanzarote (and other!) holidays! But did you know we are a Jet 2 booking centre and we can arrange your holiday with them too?

They are an award-winning airline that offers holiday and villa packages to destinations in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and European leisure cities.

Jet 2 fly from Belfast International, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle

Why are Jet 2 so good?

  • Their great flight times mean that you don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock and you are able to enjoy your destination straight away
  • Jet2 have a 22kg baggage allowance as well as a generous 10kg hand luggage allowance per person
  • Their pricing is “all-in” with hold luggage and airport transfers, so you don’t have any nasty surprises
  • They offer low deposit of just £60 per person
  • In several places in Lanzarote, they now offer in-resort check-in, which means you drop your cases at hotel reception, enjoy your day, and then breeze through security when you get to the airport!

So why book with us?

You won’t pay any more for your Jet 2 holiday with us, but we will add a ton of value to your experience, and you’ll be supporting the work we do here in Lanzarote to keep you informed. Specifically:

  • We make booking easy and do all the work for you
  • We add our personal knowledge and experience to your booking, suggesting the right hotels for you, based on the fact that we have lived and worked in Lanzarote for nearly 20 years
  • We liaise with the hotels locally to make sure our clients get their room preferences
  • You can use your Jet 2 rain voucher when making a booking with us
  • We do your Advanced Passenger Information for you and check you in for your flights
  • We’ll arrange any airport assistance (at either end) you need
  • We’re on hand, on the island if you need any help or advice when you are here in Lanzarote
  • We’ll compile information, specifically for you, about what to do and where to go when you get here, and we’ll even recommend the best places to eat out
  • We’ll make sure your hotel knows about any special celebrations that are part of your visit

Can we book your next Jet 2 Holiday to Lanzarote?  Travel Enquiry

You can call us free here in Lanzarote on 0800 810 8404