Bono Holiday Voucher For Canary Islands Residents

Residents of The Canary Islands can now register for the lottery here: Somos Afotundaos

The tourism department announced an initiative this week which will encourage and subsidise Canary Islands residents to holiday on the islands this year, to support local businesses.

The scheme, which has a total budget of €16 million, will be operated via a lottery.


The objective is to recover up to 70% of normal tourism numbers during the months of July, August and September, by encouraging Canaries residents to travel within the islands, and also to attract a higher percentage of travellers from mainland Spain.

Traditionally, 67% of the islands’ tourism comes from foreign countries, but the expectation this summer is that foreign travel here will fall to about 39% of the total, particularly with the likelihood that travel from the primary UK market is unlikely to get going until after the summer.


The marketing strapline for the campaign is “Somos Afortunados,” which means “We are lucky” and is a nod to the fact that the Romans once named The Canaries “The fortunate islands.”

It will be supported by a TV, newspaper and social media campaign which will be clean and clear.

Here’s the TV advert:

The Lottery

The overall budget is:

  • €1 Million for the marketing campaign
  • €5 million, in 50,000 lots of €200 for the individual lottery
  • €5 million, in 50,000 lots of €200 for registered travel agencies towards organising holidays on the islands for clients
  • €5 million for complimentary actives. excursions etc

Residents can apply for either the individual lottery or the travel agency lottery.

Individual Lottery

All Canarian residents over the age of 18 can apply to enter the lottery at the website (Note, the website will not be up and running until 21st June and currently redirects.)

To enter, they simply have to answer a few questions about their travel habits.

On 14th July, 50,000 winners will be drawn in front of a notary, and each will be able to download a pre paid credit card to the value of €200, which they will have to top up with a further €200. The card can be used to pay for accommodation at all participating establishments, which will be listed on the somosafortunados website. The list will be complete by 28th June.

The winners will be published on 15th July.

Travel can take place any time up until 31st December.

Travel Agency Lottery

Winners will be drawn on the same day. In this case, they will be able to book a travel package with an approved travel agency, which can include ferries, flights, accommodation and complimentary activities. Up to €200 per person will be paid direct to the agency, and there is no requirement for a top-up in this case.

For those entering this, we’d recommend getting in touch with our friend Ricardo, who runs a travel agency here and will be able to arrange a trip for you: Caravana Viajes.

(We can’t help on this as our agency Camel Travel is UK registered.)

Complimentary activities

This section isn’t that clear yet, but the intention is to offer excursions and activities, allowable within any covid restrictions applicable at the time, and we’re expecting much more detail soon.

We’ll update this with more information as it becomes available.

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