Ave del Paraiso Gin

Ave del Paraíso gin made in Lanzarote

We love trying a local gin on our travels, so we wanted to let you know about one made right here in Lanzarote, called Ave del Paraíso.

Interestingly this gin originated following a visit to the Glenfiddich whisky distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. It wasn’t that the creator liked whisky, as he doesn’t! Roberto Acuña Elvira was travelling with his small daughter at the time, and subsequently wasn’t allowed to participate on the tour. Deciding to wait in the bar, he asked for a gin & tonic and was recommended to try the Hendricks gin. Roberto was intrigued when the barman served his drink with cucumber. This started a 2 year study of distilling and perfecting his Lanzarote gin recipe to the finished product on sale today. Named Ave del Paraíso, after the Bird of Paradise plant, which was the first botanical to be distilled.

Ave de Paraíso is made using the traditional maceration and distillation method with a selection of natural botanicals. Roberto’s gin is produced from batata, the sweet potatoes grown locally, and caña de limon (lemon cane) along with juniper. It has a wonderful earthy aroma of Lanzarote!

The perfect way to serve this gin is in a large glass with 3-4 ice cubes, 5cl of Ave del Paraíso gin, carefully pouring in 20cl of tonic slowly, so that you don’t disturb the gin, or reduce the flavour, finally adding a leaf of lemon cane or lime peel to finish.

You won’t find this gin in the local bars as yet, it’s only recently been launched and is currently available from the following outlets in Lanzarote.

Arrecife: Stratvs, Territorio Sibarita & Donde Celso
Teguise: Vinos y Quesos, Biomarket & La Chata Sabores Lanzarote
Puerto del Carmen: Vino +
Gúime: La Bodeguita de Güime
Playa Blanca: Bebilanz

We love that this Ave del Paraíso gin was created by an entrepreneur as a hobby, do give it a try, if you can locate a bottle on your next visit to the island.

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