April In The Vineyards

Dan from Wine Tours Lanzarote has given us his latest update on what’s been going on in Lanzarote’s amazing vineyards, and can you believe it’s been a full year since he wrote the first one, so we’ve now got the whole process from month to month. You can see them all here: A Year in Lanzarote’s Vineyards.

So, what’s this month’s update? Well there’s some shocking news – the island is running out of wine! Apparently demand is really outstripping supply at the moment.

He goes on to explain why and also tells us:

  • We’re in the most explosive growth phase of the vines
  • That the flowers on the vines are self pollinating! (I didn’t know that!)
  • How the grapes are actually formed
  • The name of the new winter grape wine from El Grifo

The wine of the month this month, is a cracker, and one you may not have tried: El Grifo’s Rosado, which is perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Read all the details about it, where you can buy it, and Dan’d whole article here: April in the Vineyards.

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