ICU Arrecife

A Guide To The ICU At Arrecife Hospital

“The Intensive Care Unit (ICU): A Guide for Family Members” is a 20 page booklet that has been issued by the Hospital in Arrecife has published in relation to dealing with this health service.

The staff from the Hospital asked the Lanzarote Business and Residents Association (LBRA) to get it translated into English, which they kindly co-ordinated through volunteers.

The guide has the following chapters:
1. Introduction
2. Description of the Intensive Care Unit
3. Day by Day for your relative at the ICU
4. Isolation
5. How the ICU functions and its rules
6. Rules for visitors
7. Transfers
8. Resources
9. Documentations
10. A family member has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit
11. The Rights and Obligations of patients and those who use the Canarian Health Service

Therefore the objective of the guide is inform people of the general aspects of having a family member admitted to the ICU. Particularly the ICU’s characteristics, the way it functions, its rules, the resources available to you and other useful advice to help you and your family get through the process as comfortably as possible.

Although the booklet is attached to this article, if you wish a printed copy can be picked up at the Hospital.

We would like to thank both the Hospital and the LBRA for putting this guide together. We wish that you never have to make use of it but it that were the case, hopefully it would be useful to you.

You can download your own copy at the link below.

ICU Arrecife 2019 English