Marina Rubicon

A 20 Year Love Affair With Playa Blanca

Reader Phil Mylrea has a part-time home here in Lanzarote. He was on the island when we went into Coronavirus lockdown on 14th March, so he’s still here. He wrote this, to tell us a little about his story, and we’ve decided to publish it as a guest article.

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It was twenty years ago, following a day on the Dorada Beach in Playa Blanca that my partner Dawn and I walked past the then half finished Marina Rubicon and fell in love with the area. Shortly after we acquired a lovely property just behind the Marina. It was an adventure that started with planting cactus and palms that were then so small and now magnificent. The garden is so different to the one at home and we both have been excited by the dazzling colours of the amazing shrub bougainvillea. We love the weather here in the weeks that we are able to spend in Lanzarote and always enjoy coming back.

The Marina Rubicon as we are all aware has gone from strength to strength and Dawn and I have been so interested in observing the changes including the amazing Marina market twice a week and of course stunning restaurants and beautiful boats.

About a year ago we learned that our vista would change yet again when we discovered that Lanzarote was building its largest hotel near to our villa. We have watched the building work begin, but had never imagined just how extensive this project would become.

Our most recent trip to Playa Blanca intended to be just two weeks is now turning into a marathon as we have had many cancelled flights due to the mighty Coronavirus and the building work (for me at least!!) has become of particular interest due to the assertive lockdown conditions giving us a lot of spare time to watch the builders in action.

What we didn’t realise was just how much work goes on to transform the landscape for a super hotel and I can report that daily there are literally dozens of lorries moving material, much of which will find a new home in the new multi million euro harbour in Playa Blanca town. So whilst the Coronavirus is terrible for so many businesses and that is in no doubt the future prospects for Playa Blanca town post virus could see fortunes improve….let’s hope!!

Our lockdown has without question has been very strict, but our prison is a sunny prison with a nice garden to enjoy. Goodness knows when we we will return to the UK but we take every day one step at a time but genuinely do hope more people will return to work shorty.

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