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5 Foods To Try In Lanzarote

Almost everyone who comes to the island has tried our famous local dishes like Canarian Potatoes or perhaps Estofado – traditional Lanzarote food. But there are some things we eat here that you may not have tried, so here are some suggestions for you, and we’ve also suggested where to go for our favourite version:

Bocadillo de Pescado

Bocadillo Pescado

Yes, it’s a fish butty! Often served for breakfast, it consists of a thinly sliced fillet of white fish, which has been lightly coated in breadcrumbs and fried, then served in a bread roll, smothered with aioli (garlic mayonnaise.)

Our favourite place to eat this traditional Lanzarote food is at Bar Ginory in Arrecife, opposite the harbour and close to Charco san Gines. They use the freshest fish and cook them perfectly. We love having one there on a Saturday morning before going shopping.

Puntillas de Calamar


These are very small, whole baby squid, which are coated in a light batter and deep fried, then served with fresh lemon squeezed over them. They sound (and look!) a bit scary, but they are delicious!

We love eating these at Bodegón las Tapa on the front in Playa Blanca.

Bocadillo de Tortilla Española


Yes, it’s another butty, but this one is a barnstormer! It’s exactly what it sounds like, a thick wedge of tortilla, stuffed into a bread roll, served with (optional) sliced tomato and aioli. Get one mid morning, and you won’t need to eat until the evening!

Our favourite place for these is the caféteria at the Pican petrol station in Tias. You can get them to eat in or to take away.

Conejo Campesino


Rabbits were introduced to the island as a meat source, and they are still hunted to control their numbers. Local restaurants often serve them on hunting days, so they are super fresh and being wild, wonderfully meaty and gamey. Generally they are served very simply – chopped up and fried over a very high heat with tons of garlic and seasoning. Fiddly, but delicious!

We often visit the small restaurants in the side streets of Teguise on hunting days to enjoy this dish.

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These are anchovies, but they are nothing like the tinned, salty ones you may have had before. They aren’t cooked, they are preserved in vinegar and olive oil and served on a dish with green olives. They are delicious and extremely good for you.

We love the boquerones served at Cal Tomas in Costa Teguise.


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