3D virtual property tours

3D Virtual Property Tours

We recently met with Andrew from Scanaplan, who spends a lot of time at his place on the island, and he showed us an exciting new service he is offering to property owners on the island – 3D virtual property tours.

In a competitive environment, where holiday home owners are vying with each other for a slice of the tourism market, 3 property tours provide the perfect way to showcase an apartment or villa, giving prospective clients a real feel for the whole property, allowing them to virtually “walk through” from room to room 24 hours a day through a web browser.

Each 3D tour includes:

  • An immersive Walkthrough – 3D Showcase offering immersive views of the property through Inside View
  • Dollhouse View – which showcases the whole property
  • Floor plan View –  which enables clients to choose which rooms each member of the family will have. Shown in the image above.
  • Virtual Reality – allows clients to explore and experience the ambiance of the property through a VR headset

You are also able to publish tours, 3D images and teaser videos to social media by taking a snapshot of 3D and 2D images and video, as well as “embed”  the model on your own website and of course, if you advertise with us, here on the Lanzarote Information website, as part of your page.

You can use the high quality 2D and 3D images made during the process to advertise your property, saving you the cost of getting professional 2D images taken for you.

Have a look at some examples:

Villa in Gran Canaria.

Villa in Mallorca.

We’d highly recommend a 3D tour of your property as a fabulous way to attract clients for holiday letting. If a picture paints a thousand words, actually being able to explore a property virtually is like having an online novel.

Pricing depends on the size of the property and starts at around £250, so one additional booking will cover the cost of the service, and you’ll have the model for years to come.

You can book for Andrew to do 3D virtual property tours here: Tour booking form.

And you can contact him directly through the website if you have questions: Scanaplan.