These are the confirmed dates so far for carnival 2018 in Lanzarote. We’ll add the carnival programme details when confirmed by each municipality council.


Arrecife Carnival Poster 2018 

The party starts in the capital from the 2nd to 14th February 2018.

Carnaval Encantado was the winning theme for Arrecife’s carnival in 2018. Enchanted / Fantasy Forest – theme based on a fantasy forest, located on an island, full of wonderful beings, giant trees, colourful bears, in which fairies and mythological beings live.

The main carnival parade will be held on Monday 12th February 2018, and the burial of the sardine parade on Wednesday 14th February 2018.

Carnival Programme Arrecife 2018

Carnival Programme Arrecife 2018

Friday 2nd February
19:00 Opening ceremony of the carnival with Maxi Ferrer and Batucada Villa Pipol. Leaving from Las cuatro esquinas until the Kiosco de la Música along the Avenida La Marina.

Saturday 3rd February
17:00  IV Concurso de Murgas Infantiles including: Retoñitos, Tintinijos, Gorfinijos, Intoxicaditos, Chau chau & Noveleros at the Recinto Ferial.

Sunday 4th February 
21:00 Gala Elección de Drag Queen presented by Roberto Herrera & Soraya Arnelas in the Recinto Ferial.

Monday 5th February
21:00 First phase of the XXX Concurso de Murgas Adultas in the Recinto Ferial including: Murga Las Vacilonas, Murga Las Revoltosas, Murga Titi Roys & Murga Enraladas.

Tuesday 6th February
21:00 Second phase of the XXX Concurso de Murgas Adultas in the Recinto Ferial including: Murga Tabletuos, Murga Simplones, Murga Desperdigaos & Murga Inadaptadas.

Wednesday 7th February
21:00 Third phase of the XXX Concurso de Murgas Adultas in the Recinto Ferial including: Murga Los Desahuciados, Murga Rebuscadas, Murga Pijoletas & Foncho.

Thursday 8th February
18:00 Traditional Carnival. Pasacalle (street procession) from Las Cuatro Esquinas, along calle Real until La Plazuela. Including: Los Buches, Los Diabletes & Charanga Los Gruñones.
21:00 Election of the Reina del Carnaval in the Recinto Ferial with Edwin Rivera.

Friday 9th February
21:00 Grand final of the XXX Concurso de Murgas Adultas in the Recinto Ferial with the murgas finalists & Trio Zapatista.

Carnaval Feria de Tapa

Saturday 10th February
12:00 Pasacalle de Batucadas & Comparsas street procession from Las Cuatro Esquinas and León y Castillo until the Parque Islas Canarias.
13:00 Carnaval Porteño Arrecife with a tapas fair and performances from DJ Maxi, in the  Avenida La Marina.
17:00 IV Baile de Máscaras (pensioners carnival dance) in the Centro Sociocultural de Argana Baja.

Sunday 11th February 
17:00 Fiesta Infantil (children’s party) & election of the Reina Infantil del Carnaval. Fancy dress competition for individuals, couples & groups. Performances from the winners of the Murgas Infantiles and group Chiquilladas.

Monday 12th February
18:00 Gran Desfile. (Main Carnival Procession) de carrozas, murgas, comparsas, batucadas & mascaritas leaving from the Ciudad Deportiva along the Vía Medular until the Recinto Ferial.

Tuesday 13th February
17:30 Carnavalito Infantil (children’s carnival) in the Carpa del Recinto Ferial. Workshops, inflatables and performance from Mago de Hoz.

Wednesday 14th February
18:00 Entierro de la Sardina. (Burial of the Sardine) leaving from the Ayuntamiento until the Parque Marítimo including murgas, comparsas, batucadas, winning floats & mascaritas doloridas. Followed by the Gran Quema de la Sardina del Carnaval 2018.

San Bartolomé


The carnival theme for San Bartolomé and Playa Honda is India.

San Bartolomé Carnival Programme

Saturday 3rd February
20:30 Carnival Presentation in Parque Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente with participation from Murga Infantil Los Retoñitos, Murga Afilarmónica Las Revoltosas y Batucada Guaychara de Ajei, Escuela de Baile Samira Rif, Almudena Hernández & Dj Ángel Pérez.

Tuesday 13th February 
12:00 Gran Pasacalle de Carnaval on family day with  murgas, comparsas & batucadas. Leaving from calle Constitución (Museo Tanit), travelling along the streets Rubicón, Avda. Alcalde Antonio Cabrera Barrera & Rubicón finishing in parque Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente with a Comparsas competition.
Concert with the groups Treintytantos, Los Conejeros Y Dj Ángel Pérez.

Friday 16th February
17:00 Pasacalle & Entierro del Guachinango in Playa Honda. Leaving from the Explanada de Guacimeta until Playa Chica (Playa el curita), with partipaction of Murgas Infantiles. Continuing with the burial of the Guachinango & DJ Ángel Pérez.

Puerto del Carmen

Carnival Poster Puerto del Carmen 2018

The dates have also been published for the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen, their carnival will be celebrated from the 15th to 18th February 2018.

The parade along the Avenida de Las Playas will be held on Saturday 17th February 2018.

Carnival Programme Puerto del Carmen 2018

Thursday 15th February
20:30 Performance of the three finalists of the murgas contest.

Friday 16th February
20:30 Grand show of carnival groups: Comparsa Sur Caliente Junior, Charanga Los Gruñones, Batucada Chimbay and Comparsa Sur Caliente, at Plaza Varadero Square. Open air party with DJ’s Ángen Pérez and Adrián González.

Saturday 17th February
17:00 Grand carnival parade from Barcarola to the Suite Hotel Fariones Playa
21:00 Open air party with with “El Combo Dominicano” and Cuarteto “Zone 40 Ur” groups and DJ Ángel Pérez, at Plaza Varadero.

Sunday 18th February
11:00 Children’s carnival with children’s murgas, actvities and bouncy castles in the Plaza Varadero
12:00 Mid day carnival with Pepe Benavente, Tony Tun Tun and group Bomba in the Plaza Vardero

Las Breñas

Carnaval Las Breñas

The village of Las Breñas will be celebrating their carnival on Friday 16th February with a children’s workshop at 18:00 to create a carnival mask, followed by children’s carnival party with surprises at 19:00. Later a traditional carnival dance will be held from 22:30 with groups Los Salineros de La Hoya and Los Jarvac. All events in the sociedad.


Haria Carnival Poster 2018

The carnival will be celebrated from the 22nd to 25th February 2018. The winning theme for Haría carnival was voted as Medieval, and the stage in the plaza has been transformed into a castle for the event.

Thursday 22nd February
17:00 Fiesta carnival for pensioners in the La Tegala sociedad.
21:00 Opening ceremony with performers from the Escuela de Circo Aerial, Drag Eros, Comparsa Los Cumbacheros & Escuela de Bailes Latinos el Norte Dance.

Friday 23rd February
10:00 Street procession with the students from the CEIP San Juan & IES Haría schools.
21:00 III Encuentro de Murgas Nocturno with Tabletúos, Titi Roys, Vacilonas Y Desahuciados with Batucada Villa Pipol.
23:00 Verbena (party) with Furia Joven y Raiyimbe.

Saturday 24th February
12:00 Pasaplaza with Drag Queens and the batucada & comparsa group Princesa Atenya in the Plaza de Haría.
19:00 Coso del Carnaval Medieval – carnival procession departing from the cemetery car park until the Plaza de Haría.
21:30 Verbena (party) with Furia Joven from Gran Canaria and Código from Fuerteventura.

Sunday 25th February
13:00 Carnaval de la Tapa.
13:30 Kardomillo in concert.
17:30 Carnaval de Islanto with the burning of the sardine accompanied by batucada group Woman Batuca.
18:30 Carnaval de la Risa, comedy show with Jaime Marrero & Xayo.

Costa Teguise

Carnival Poster Costa Teguise 2018

The carnival theme in the municipality of Teguise is the Medieval Era (including knights, squires, courtesans, kings, queens, princesses, princes, conquerors, witches & pirates), and it will be celebrated on the first weekend of March 2018.

Teguise Carnival Programme

Friday 23 February
20:30 Presentation of the carnival groups in the sociedad at La Villa de Teguise

Monday 26, Tuesday 27 & Wednesday 28th February 
21:00 Murgas competition in Costa Teguise in the car park of the C.C.Nautical

Thursday 1st March
18:30 Parade of Comparsas and Drag Queen in Costa Teguise from Santa Rosa apartments to C.C. Nautical
20:30 II Gala Drag

Friday 2nd March
20:00 Traditional carnival in La Villa de Teguise

Saturday 3rd March
17:00 Carnival parade in Costa Teguise leaving from Sands Beach Hotel to the C.C. Nautical
19:30 – 02:30 Carnival party at C.C. Nautical with DJ Ángel and Orquestra Nayimbe

Sunday 4th March
11:00 Pet fancy dress competition, and parade of dogs available for adoption in Plaza de la Mareta in La Villa de Teguise
12:30 Performance from the folklore group Gran Aldea in the Plaza de Los Leones in La Villa de Teguise
14:00 Concert to finish the carnival in Teguise with Los Bourbon group in the Plaza de Los Leones in La Villa de Teguise


Carnival Poster Tinajo 2018

Tinajo will be celebrating their carnival from the 2nd to 4th March 2018. The winning poster for the theme Carnaval Comanche was designed by Sergio Vicente Rodriguez Rodriguez entitled “Cuerno Partido”

Friday 2nd March
Fancy dress competition “Difraz de la Sábana” with prizes for individuals, couples and groups.

Saturday 3rd March
The Gran Coso de Carnaval leaving from the iglesia de Los Dolores until the Plaza de San Roque.


Sunday 4th March
Fancy dress race, the 4th edition of the Carrera de Mascaritas is at 10:00, followed by  Carnaval de Día in the Plaza de San Roque from 12:00.

Playa Blanca

Carnival Poster Playa Blanca 2018

The Ayuntamiento of Yaiza have confirmed the carnival dates for the holiday resort of Playa Blanca, which will be celebrated from the 9th to 11th March 2018.

The theme for Playa Blanca carnival in 2018 is Rock and Roll.

Carnival Playa Blanca Programme

Thursday 8th March
19:30 Opening of the carnival with a pasacalle (street procession) including the batucada group Villa Pipol. Leaving from the Plaza del Carmen, along the Avenida Marítima to the harbour, and back along calle Limones to the Plaza. Followed by an Encuentro de Comparsas including Los Yaiseros & Cumbacheros in the Plaza del Carmen.

Friday 9th March

21:00 Gran Gala Drag Queen in the Plaza del Carmen with the best drag acts in the Canaries and Ballet Dance Pop. Followed by Verbena de Carnaval (fiesta / party) with groups El Combo Dominicano & Tamarindos from Gran Canaria.

Saturday 10th March
11:00 Carnaval Canino in the Plaza del Carmen with prizes for the most original costumes.
18:100 Gran Coso de Carnaval (procession) leaving from Playa Flamingo along the Avenida de Canarias, Calle Don Jaime Quesada and Avenida Papagayo until the Plaza del Carmen. Followed by a Verbena de Carnaval with groups El Combo Dominicano & Tamarindos from Gran Canaria.

Sunday 11th March
10:00 Carnaval Infantil (children’s carnival) in the Plaza del Carmen
13:30 Carnaval de día in the Plaza del Carmen with groups Boulevard from Playa Blanca, Super 5 from Tenerife and La Unión from Madrid.

La Graciosa

La Graciosa Carnival 2018

The island of La Graciosa will be holding their carnival procession on Saturday 10th March 2018.

La Graciosa Carnival Programme

Friday 9th March
18:00 Street procession to start the carnival weekend leaving from El Sordo to the harbour. Continued with the election of the children’s gala queen, and pet fancy dress competition
22:00 Carnival party with Sintonio Show & DJ Ángel Pérez on the harbour

Saturday 10th March
11:00 Entertainment in Caleta del Sebo with Los Gruñones
12:00 Performance of the children & adult murgas
18:00 Carnival procession leaving from the teleclub to the harbour
20:00 Concert with Quimbao La Nuit on the harbour
22:00 Carnival party with Sintonio Show & DJ Furre on the harbour

Sunday 11th March
18:00 Burial of the Sardine leaving from El Sordo to La Caletilla and BBQ afterwards on the harbour

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