5 Live Music Bars In Puerto Del Carmen

There are plenty of live music bars to enjoy around Puerto del Carmen. We wanted to share our top five live music venues that we’d recommend checking out in this resort during your holiday in Lanzarote. The Island Live Music Bar The Island Live Music Bar is open 6 nights a week from 8pm, closed…

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Miguel – The Lanzarote Beekeeper

We were introduced to Miguel Galván, the beekeeper, during the third bodega hopping tour with Lanzarote Eco Insider. Miguel invited the group to tea and coffee on the terrace of his finca situated on the outskirts of La Villa de Teguise. He escorted small numbers of us to see his collection of six beehives at…

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Hoglet asleep in hands


I was out in our garden one morning in July watching the sunrise when my attention was drawn to something squeaking. On closer inspection I found it was a tiny hedgehog who had clearly lost it’s mum as they shouldn’t be out in the open during daylight. After observing the hedgehog for a while it…

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Panza de burro Lanzarote

Why The Cloud In Lanzarote Is Called “Donkey’s Belly”

I heard a cloud expression once that I didn’t understand. Tt was “Los alisios siguen trayendo panza de burro” which translates to the trade winds are bringing donkey’s belly! This is a Canarian expression which refers to the weather phenomenon that occurs in the north of almost all the Canary Islands during the summer months.…

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La Pastora de Haria

We discovered another treasure on our doorstep yesterday. La Pastora de Haria. I had no idea this delightful dairy even existed, La Pastora de Haria is run by Violeta and Luis who live in the campo on the outskirts of the village. The facilities here are like no other granja in Lanzarote, these goats are…

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