A concert has been announced for the auditorium at Jameos del Agua on Saturday 8th September – it’s called Universo Colorao.

The show is a musical adventure devised by Lanzaroteño musicion Toñin Corujo. It draws on the revival of Canarian music by timple artist Domingo Rodríguez, known as El Colorao.

Corunjo said: “I’ve known Domingo ‘El Colorao’ for years and, apart from being an incredible musician, he has another, lesser-known talent: he’s also a storyteller. He has written some wonderful couplets that deserve to be heard, the musician points out. Having said that, we felt that they should not just be shown in the traditional sense, but wanted to give them a twist and some fusion. Our culture is a pure fusion of cultures, ideas and universal feelings, and we wanted to reflect this in this performance.”

Domingo had this to say. “We played together years ago and it had been a while since we work together, and Toñin came up with Universo Colorao. I think this also came from the rhymes, couplets and poems that he has seen me writing and sharing on social media. Our idea is to produce a collective story with all of this… a fusion of my work and that of Toñin’s band. Well, actually it’s not just us, in reality the Corujo family will be there in force, so it’s going to be a revival of music and words.”

Toñin continued: ”Ciro Corujo, another remarkable singer, will also be joining us. Ciro has sang on international tours with the best traditional, and not so traditional groups, of our islands including the Sabadeños, the Gofiones among others.

Antonio Corujo will also perform. What can I say about him? He’s my father, but also a prominent figure when we talk about our music, couplets, and the fusion of cultures and history. Someone who has known how to stay true to folklore and how to incorporate foreign cultures and make them his own. Then we have Domingo Corujo, who is my brother and another magnificent musician. He plays the timple, the guitar and in this show he will perform as a percussionist. The Toñin Corujo Quartet will form the final piece of the jigsaw, with Israel Curbelo on cajón flamenco and piano, Yarel Hernández on the guitar, bass and double base; Carlos Pérez on tenor and soprano saxophone and myself, on the timple. I can only say that they are an extraordinary bunch of musicians. Each one comes from different styles, from jazz to heavy metal, but can adapt to any style. They’re geniuses!”

Tickets are on sale now for this extraordinary concert, priced at €20.

You can read more and book your tickets here: Universo Colorao.