Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We recommend all visitors to Lanzarote have travel insurance. If you are an EU or British citizen, your EHIC or GHIC card only covers you for emergency medical needs here.

We had an example recently which shows how important travel insurance can be. A family member had a heart attack while on holiday here. Of course, the ambulance and the primary care were covered brilliantly by his EHIC card, but it then transpired that he needed an operation  which couldn’t be done here, and that’s when the travel insurance kicked in. He and his wife were flown to Gran Canaria, the operation was swiftly carried out in a private hospital, while his wife was put up in a hotel. And after he’d recovered, they were both flown home, accompanied by a nurse, and then driven to their own home. I can’t even guess how much that all cost, but it was all covered by his travel insurance.

And it isn’t just medical issues. What if your suitcases go missing? What happens if you lose your wallet or its stolen? Travel insurance will sort you out.

There are many places you can get travel insurance – some credit cards offer cover if you book your holiday using the card, your own bank may well offer a policy too.

We’ve been using Staysure for our own travel insurance for a few years now, and we highly recommend them. They offer a number of options for those of you travelling to Lanzarote, or elsewhere:

  • Single trip travel insurance for those of you who holiday once per year
  • Multi trip travel insurance for those who regularly visit the island
  • Long stay insurance for those of you who spend several weeks or months here
  • Cover for people with pre existing medical conditions
  • Cover for those of you who live in Lanzarote
  • Cover for those over 65
  • Add ons for USA and / or cruise
  • Insurance with Covid 19 cover

You can get a price for your cover here: Staysure travel insurance

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