Top Catz Dance based in Lanzarote are expanding their range of dance classes available this season, for kids and adults!

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If you love dance, or have always wanted to learn, have a look at all the different styles of classes available.

Set classes are available for tap, hip hop and Irish, but all the styles below are available for private lessons or, if there are enough people, a group. Get in touch to find out more.

Tap: different styles- traditional, Broadway, hoofer, rhythm tap, and clogging.

Ballet: This is a technique class only- no choreography. For beginning adults and teens- work on posture, body positions, barre and center work. A good basis for any type of dance.

Modern: Jazz, as it is called in the USA… lots of Bob Fosse style, and others. Technique training, and choreography. May include Musicals.

Irish: Learn soft and hard shoe techniques, and dances. A very physically demanding class- lots of jumps- very aerobic!

Funky Hip Hop: A fun class… body isolations, and dances. This class includes new style, and can also include a bit of “Old Skool”.

Classical Spanish Dance, or “Escuela Bolera”: includes basic barre technique and dances with either soft or hard shoes, and can include castanets.

Flamenco: Technique study of arm and wrist movements, footwork, posture, hand clapping, (“palmas”), choreographies, and also that “Flamenco attitude!”

Sevillanas: Folk dance from Sevilla, usually done with a partner, but can be danced alone. Unless someone has grown up listening to Sevillanas music, or flamenco, it is recommended to do some basic flamenco classes first! It is not as easy as it looks!

Arabic dance, or “Belly Dance”: working on isolating body movements- hips, shoulders, arms, and includes veil work.

Polynesian: Hawaiian and Tahitian Dance. Hawaiian is very easy on the body- graceful, and not too difficult movements. Can use some instruments also – Puili Sticks… (split bamboo); Uli Uli…(Feather gourds); Ipu…(gourd); ili ili….(smooth black volcanic stones). Tahitian dance is much more aerobic- it will get you puffing! Very fast hip movements. Sometimes using i i´s…(pronounced EE EE´s)… bits of grass like the grass skirt, held in the hands.

Please note that Marlene does not teach Salsa classes in Lanzarote.

Marlene is also available for choreography – for weddings, parties, special occasions – she will teach you, or your group a dance that you will be able to perform for any occasion.

Adults 25 euros per month (1 class per week), 37 euros per month (2 classes per week), or 43 euros per month (unlimited classes)

Kids 20 euros per month (1 class per week), 30 euros per month (2 classes per week) or 35 euros per month (unlimited classes)

Private classes are also available- 20 euros per one hour class, or 15 if the student is already enrolled in other classes.

Venues for classes are Puerto del Carmen SocialCultural Club.

Please contact Marlene for more information, and for the full class schedule:

Mobile: 662 116 415


Facebook: Marlene.Pierce1, or Top Catz Dance