The Best Car Hire Service In Lanzarote

We have been arranging car hire in Lanzarote for our readers since 2008. Over that time, we have organised cars for thousands of visitors to the island, and many of them use our service several times a year.

Key points:

  • You pay nothing when you book and there are no cancellation charges
  • You don’t need a credit card
  • There is no deposit!
  • Two drivers are included
  • We provide free child seats or boost cushions
  • There are NO “little extras.” No extra insurance and  no charges for fuel.


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The price we quote is the price you pay, and we guarantee not a penny more.

Car hire here is cheap – from under €80 per week for a small car, €115 for a family sized car, €150 for a an SUV and €220 for a convertible sports car, and those are “all in” prices. In fact, its often cheaper to hire a car for airport collection than to pay for transfers to your resort! And that means you arrive at your hotel and can be checked in and enjoying a poolside drink before everyone else on the coach arrives!

We work with four different companies here, and we’ll always give you the best price for the car you need and for your dates.

The Cars

We can offer pretty much any type of car you need, from the Tiny Smart ForTwo to the mighty Porsche Cayenne. In between, we have small hatchbacks, estate cars, convertibles, automatics, 7 & 9 seaters, Off roaders and even vans.

  • Cars are all under two years old and meticulously maintained
  • All have air conditioning
  • All have music systems, and some have Sat Nav
  • Have fun and enjoy discovering Lanzarote!

We have some fun and funky cars, which will put a smile on your face every day of your Lanzarote holiday!

What Clients Say

“The car hire is so easy to request and set up and such lovely staff. we have used Lanzarote Information for the past 3 years, once every six months, we drive all over the island, it gives us such freedom..”

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