The forecasts are predicting a hot spell with a high temperature next week starting 27th May 2019, which could be accompanied by a calima. You can read about calima here: Lanzarote weather.

The prediction is that the temperature in Lanzarote will gradually increase during the week, hitting highs of 32 degrees (90F) by Saturday and carrying into the following week.


Here are a few things to remember about the heat here:

The UV is much higher in Lanzarote

The UV component in the sunshine here is much higher than in northern Europe, so you will burn significantly faster here, even if the temperature is lower. Cream up well, and re-apply often.

For the same reason, invest in decent sun glasses with a UV filter. Cheapies will leave you with sore and red eyes.

It’s much less humid in Lanzarote

It’s actually a more comfortable heat, but you will dehydrate very quickly in the dry air. Drink plenty of water – at least a couple of litres a day, and no, beer doesn’t count!

For those of you with properties here, consider a built in water filter to save you carting 5 litre bottles around all the time: Agua Clara water filters.

Enjoy the lack of pollen!

The pollen count in Lanzarote is super low, as we have almost no grass and very few trees on the island, so those of you suffering hay fever will enjoy the respite.

Cover up!

It might seem counter intuitive, but protecting bare skin from the sun will help you stay cool – a large brimmed hat will help keep your head and neck out of the direct rays.

Enjoy the upcoming weather!