Lago Martianaz

Manrique’s Great Works

Manrique’s “Great works” or put another way, his large projects are the ones most of us know. Here’s a full list in date order.

Manrique House Museum

Manrique House Museum

The Manrique house museum in Haria was Cesar Manrique’s home at the time of his death. See how he lived in the valley of a thousand palms.


Cactus Garden

The Cactus Gardens will surprise and delight, don’t overlook this official attraction in Lanzarote, it so much more than plants!

Cesar Manrique

20 Years Without Manrique

20 years after the death of Cesar Manrique, Julie visited the fundacion and his grave in Haria, and shared some poignant thoughts.

Lanzarote Attractions

Lanzarote Attractions

Here’s our list of attractions and places to visit in Lanzarote, check out these museums, castles, caves, theme park, aquarium & more….