The Supremum Wine Contest, the first edition of a new Wine Contest covering the Spanish territory, has been very successful for Lanzarote wines.

Vino Supremum is organised by and ALAMESA.  It’s a quality contest of wines for sale in Supermarkets and Specialist Shops with a retail price of over €10.

Out of 175 wines registered, representing a wide range of Spain’s D.O. (“Denominación de Origien” – Origin Denomination ), only 73 wines were shortlisted and 22 medals were awareded.

The final tasting took place on the 19th of October and the prizes were awarded on the 6th of this month in Madrid.

The level of the participating wineries makes was very high, according to the experts, who were looking for a selective, distinguished and high quality product.

The winners will be able to mark their wines with the “Vinos Supremum” logo which will make them stand out and be spotted easier.

Vino Supremum Wine Contest 2017

“Cenizas del Volcán” and “La Grieta Malvasía Volcánica” from the winery Malpaís de Máguez and “Yaiza Malvasía Volcánica” from Bodegas Vega de Yugo have received the highest prize, a gold medal,  in the category of Young White Wines.

“Rosado” from Bodegas Vega de Yuco has also received a gold medal in its category.

“El Tinto La Grieta Vendimia Nocturna 2016” again from Malpaís de Máguez received a silver medal in the category Red Wines Aged in Barrel up to 12 months.

Our congratulations to the winning D.O. Lanzarote wines and their wineries!

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