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Sun Care Products To Use In Lanzarote

When you come on holiday to Lanzarote, one thing you are certain to want to go home with is a great sun tan!

Because we’re so much closer to the equator, Lanzarote is not only much warmer than northern Europe, but our UV Levels are off the scale compared to even Med countries. So the good news is you will tan easily, the bad news is, you will burn if you don’t use top quality sun care products.

We’ve teamed up with Suncare Central, who have been offering their advice and products on the island for as long as we can remember. The secret should be simple – apply a top quality sun protection lotion, then use an aloe based conditioner and hydrator to enhance and prolong your tan. The trick is in choosing the right type of protection and the right factor for your skin type.

Suncare Central solve that problem by offering a free consultation service. They will come to wherever you are staying when you first arrive on the island, asses the whole family’s skin types and then suggest which products are right for each of you.

They only sell and recommend lotions specifically designed for our climate. All their products are 100% Natural, Organic, Biodegradable and don’t use heavy wax or mineral oil as a base, which can cause prickly heat, blotches, blisters and peeling.

It makes much more sense to get your sun tanning products here in Lanzarote, rather than lug the wrong ones in your suitcase from home. And you can’t buy Suncare Central’s products in the shops, so set up a meeting with an advisor for your next Lanzarote Holiday by filling in the form below.

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