There aren’t many places in the world where the public can dive to 30m in a submarine, Lanzarote is one of them.

The aptly coloured yellow submarine called Sub Fun Tres operates out of the marina at Puerto Calero. This submarine can accommodate up to 44 passengers per dive, it’s deceptively spacious inside, with two stool style seats to each porthole there’s plenty of viewing space for everyone. Below the porthole there is a monitor which shows a camera view from the submarine when above surface and switches to a monitor with interesting information such as the depth and water temperature when diving.

The excursion with Submarine Safaris includes free bus transfers from the holiday resorts to the Puerto Calero marina, here  the passengers are directed to the large double fronted office of Submarine Safaris with a cafe, shop and cinema area for the safety briefing. Children are encouraged to enter in the colouring competition and The Big Sea Life Quiz where they have to match the species to the name.

The group is then led through the marina, where boarding cards are collected and photos taken by the submarine. It’s quite easy to get aboard, there are two hatches each with a ladder descending into the submarine. There is a multilingual guide as part of the crew who welcomes everyone aboard and commentates through the duration of the dive pointing out the different fish and wrecks.

The submarine leaves the marina on the surface with a safety boat and starts to dive just outside the entrance. Our tip is to sit on the left hand side of the sub, only because you get to see the most detail first, but don’t worry for those seated on the right, you will get to see the same view on the way back after the turn point! The portholes are really clear and there are plenty of fish to see as well as a few wrecks.

A dive in a submarine just wouldn’t be the same without a rendition of the Beatles song, and we weren’t disappointed.

Once back in the marina, each passenger is awarded their own Dive Certificate and your photo is available to buy as a memento of the experience.

The submarine dives 4 times a day, 6 days a week in Lanzarote, sometimes more during busy periods. There is a special 10% discount available if you book online direct with the company, please visit their website www.submarinesafaris.comfor more information and to reserve your underwater experience of a lifetime.