Many readers will know Silvia Garcia Hurtado. For the last eight years, she has worked as part of the team at the Lanzarote Business and Residents Association, helping local business and property owners navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of Lanzarote’s bureaucracy.

Silvia has now branched out on her own and is offering her services as a consultant, using her special blend of language skills and the fantastic contacts she has built up in so many government and town hall offices around the island.

Explaining what she can do for you is quite hard, but her strength is in being able to get to the heart of an issue, then knowing the right people to speak to, and finally using her interpersonal skills to find a resolution. For many foreigners living in Spain, the temptation, when a problem arises, is to ignore it and hope it will go away. Our advice it to get Silvia’s advice, whether you are staring a business here, have residency issues, want to organise an event, want to understand documents, or you just need someone who speaks Spanish to help you deal with a problem.

In summary, Silvia is so much more than just a “Paperwork person.”

If you need some help or advice about any kind of situation you’re facing here in Lanzarote, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Silvia, as we have been doing for some time. And the feedback from readers she has helped has been amazing – you can see their testimonials on her website: Silvia Lanzarote Consultancy. 

You also find her on Facebook, and you can call any time on +34 669 642 182.


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