Update 28th September 2018

It seems that the strike action has been much more widespread than anticipated, and 250 flights in total have been cancelled, affecting 35,000 passengers, including several where Ryanair did not text passengers about the cancellation until after they had arrived at the airport.

Flights from Lanzarote to Shannon, Knock and Birmingham were cancelled this morning. Currently passengers from those flights are trying to arrange alternatives, but many are struggling with the very high prices on the last available seats on other airlines.

The CAA have issued the following statement: “Today, in announcing thousands more cancellations to its scheduled programme, the airline has again failed to provide customers with the necessary and accurate information relating to their passenger rights, particularly around rerouting and care and assistance entitlements, which includes expenses. We have now told Ryanair that we are expediting enforcement action against them.”

Ryanair are refusing to pay any compensation to those affected on the grounds that the strike action is beyond their control.

Original Article

The Ryanair strike this Friday 28th September is already affecting Lanzarote flights – we know of readers on the island who have received cancellation SMS messages from the airline and are having to re-book other flights home at short notice.

A total of 190 flights from various airports around Europe have been cancelled, affecting around 30,000 passengers.

Ryanair insists it will not pay compensation to affected travellers, but they will offer a full refund or an alternative flight on another date.

Their spokesman said: “We sincerely apologise to those customers affected by these unnecessary strikes on Friday, which we have done our utmost to avoid, given that we have already offered these unions recognition agreements, Collective Labour Agreements, and a move to local contracts / law in 2019.”

What to do if you are affected

If your flight has been cancelled due to the Ryanair strike, you will receive an SMS or email from them. If you haven’t had one, you should check in at the airport at the usual time.

If you are cancelled, you can either switch it to another Ryanair flight, or take a refund and re-book. Have a look here for options: Flights to Lanzarote.


Ryanair revolutionised travel with their low cost flights, and they have grown to become one of the world’s largest airlines. They are important for Lanzarote, flying more people here than anyone else.

For many years, they’ve been able to grow their business on the basis that they get people to the destination cheaper than anyone and they have a fantastic “on time” and reliability record.

But over the last year, their brand has suffered real damage, with thousands of flight cancellations, constant changes to their baggage policies and even bounced cheques for refunds.

They need to get on top of these issues quickly. We already have a significant group of customers who will fly with “anyone but Ryanair,” and there comes a point where most people won’t risk spoiling  a holiday for a £20 or even a £50 saving on the flights.

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